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I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post about the donations Challenger’s House received last week in honor of Corbie. I believe it added up to about $850, which is awesome! Thank you so much, everyone who donated. You know that money will go to good use, and is very much appreciated.

I also forgot to mention yesterday that Trick (who was also known as Oliver), who had been Terry’s housemate for several years before they were both returned, was adopted last week by a Challenger’s House volunteer. Excellent news! This is Trick, in case you don’t remember him. Is that the most adorable freckled nose, or what?


Here are the last of the pictures of the girls before they went off to Petsmart. Adoption hours will be taking place tonight – fingers crossed that some (or all three!) of them go home.

Sweet little Lizzy and her half-tail. (Fred, who rarely learns the names of fosters, nicknamed Lizzy “shortie tortie” because of that tail.)

If that’s not a judgemental little face, I don’t know what is.

Molly gets pushy when a feather teaser is involved.

Little Miss Crazy Eyes.

Such a sweet girl.


Lita, Pat and Stevie. Sisters in the sun.


That girl, I swear. All ears and tail!

Pretty girl.

Inter-litter snorgling: Lizzy and Pat, hanging out (I’m sure I mentioned that Lizzy has a crush on Pat.)

Molly and Lita.

Molly and Lita, in a different location. Molly’s back leg draped over Lita is cracking me up. As is Lita’s “You see what I put up with?” face.

Good morning, smugshine.

This isn’t the best picture, but I was wearing a sweatshirt with a pocket in the front, and Molly decided to stuff her long, skinny self into the pocket and hang out. Her tail and back legs were dangling out the other side.

Kathie reported that when Lizzy was returned to Petsmart on Sunday, she went into the cage with Pat and Molly like “Hey, guys! I’m home!” I think it would be great if someone adopted her and Pat. Or, for that matter, her and Molly! (I know all three to the same home would be too much to hope for, but I’m still kinda hoping.)


This is where Simon and Garfunkel like to hang out. They come out almost as soon as I enter the room, though sometimes Garfunkel needs a little coaxing.

“You gonna pet me or what, lady?”

Keeping an eye on his brudder.

“I don’t know, lady. I’m pretty comfy here.”

“And there’s sunshine up here.”

“I guess I’ll come down and let you pet me. Because I’m generous that way.”

“That’s right, rub the ears.”

“And don’t forget the tail.”

Simon and Garfunkel are just fine. The vet had an emergency surgery to perform yesterday, so they decided to keep the boys overnight and neuter them today. I’ll pick them up this afternoon, and I’m sure they’ll be happy to get back to their room, which I am going to vacuum and scrub down this morning.


One bazillion years ago – or last September, same difference – Sherry B. said this in the comments:

I’m so used to seeing Miss [Stinker]Belle from the front, that I completely forget that she’s actually far darker from the back. (or at least has far more color than white) It always surprises me. Any chance you could put pictures of Miss Belle’s back and Alice Mo’s back on here next to each other for comparison? Please and thank you!

Finally, I managed to get pictures of Alice from the back. Here’s Stinkerbelle on the left, Alice on the right.


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  1. Wonderful photos of the girls and boys, and, bringing up the rear, I love the last compare-and-contrast shots!

  2. Paws crossed for adoptions and for the boys’ Vet visit – hope it’s a good day for all! Love the side by side back view pix – what beautiful ladies!! And oh my gosh, a year ago… 🙂

      • Hard to believe both! And once again… I thank my lucky stars for the timing that came together – for him to have been available for as long as he was, when he was PERFECT for ME & I didn’t know it… Just reinforces our thoughts that Lizzy and all the other kitties’ perfect families are out there, just taking the time for stars to align… 🙂

  3. I think Lizzy was judging her shortie tortie nickname in that second photo of her 😉

    And oh my… love that handsome house panther 🙂

  4. Wow, I am surprised by the way Stinkerbelle looks! I guess I’d seen her and Alice from the front so much, had forgotten that! Gorgeous colors, both of them. Hope for adoptions tonight too!

  5. I have a question for Friday…or maybe someone can offer some advice before then. I have a very skittish 2-year old female snowshoe mix who was born to a feral mother and rescued when she was about three months old. She will happily sit next to me and let me pet her for ages, but she startles very easily and will hide from strangers until they are gone. She hates being held (but I am working on that by picking her up, holding her and petting her for as long as she stays relaxed and letting her go as soon as she tenses up, to show her that it does not always end with being shoved in a carrier. So…my question is, would another cat help? And if so, younger or older? I normally have a rule that the cats can’t outnumber the humans so this would be breaking that, but if it helps Zola chill out, I’ll do it. Thoughts?

    • I had three cats when I adopted Tess, who was an extremely shy skittish adult girl. The first months I had her, she never came out of her cubby in my office when I was around. Over the years we got to the point that she would let me pet her and she would come and snuggle when I was lying on the bed (apparently that made me safer), but she still ran from me if she was out and about and I approached her. Unfortunately I lost her very suddenly three weeks ago. It’s only been since then that I’ve really realized how much my other girls didn’t like or accept her. I think they probably bullied her more than I knew, which makes me sad.

      I guess I would say that if you already have cats, that adding more is not going to help. If she is the only one, it is possible that a friendly relaxed cat may help her if they bond. But the bonding may not occur and you could end up with a situation where she reverts to more feral ways.

      It sounds like she is actually happy with you in her own way. If you want to try, perhaps foster a cat and see how it goes before committing to an adoption.

      • I agree with Teughcats – I don’t think that adding another cat would really help, but if you want to try, fostering would be a good way to give it a go.

        (Also, I’ll post your question in Friday’s post so that others can chime in!)

    • We adopted our first two cats together. They were not siblings, Luna is about 2 weeks older than Amy. Luna came from a feral mom, so we knew she’d be rather skittish. She likes to be petted, but only from an arms length away. If you get your face too close to her, she will get up and leave. However, she does this thing we call ‘plop and flop’ where she just drops to the ground and starts rolling around, begging for tummy rubs, and she likes them rough! She is not a lap cat at all, doesn’t really like being held, and used to hide when people came over, but as she’s aged, I think she’s realized that strange people are not as much of a threat as she thought. We got her as a kitten, and she’s 12 now, and hasn’t changed much, even with the additions of 4 more cats. Some cats are very particular about how they receive their attention. The one we adopted with her, Amy, is a lap cat, loves to be held and cuddled any way you want, but you are not allowed to touch her belly, while with Luna, you can. And Luna doesn’t like when your face is too close to hers, but she sleeps in a bed right next to my head on the bed. Hmm, maybe she doesn’t like your face looming over her too close, but on the same level is ok. Or maybe the cact that you’re sleeping makes it ok.

  6. Answer for Carol (or at least my experience)…

    We adopted a stray almost 15 years ago. She was young and feral-ish, but liked people and would come up to be petted when she came to the outside feeder. She got hurt somehow and strained her back – the vet said she may have fallen from a height – and we took her in, got her healed up and spayed and she’s been an indoor cat ever since.

    She sounds a lot like your kitty. She likes lovings, she snuggles up under the covers next to me at night and loves to be around us. But, don’t pick her up; it never ends well. And she is SUPER skittish around strangers. Basically, to Daisy, “front door people” (those who don’t come in thru the garage like we always do) are terrifying. We have a lady who cares for our cats when we are away, who comes into our house for an hour or two a day to feed, care and play with the cats and in all the years she’s taken care of our cats, she’s only seen Daisy 4 or 5 times and only at a distance.

    Having other cats hasn’t really done anything to help or hurt the situation; we’ve had as many at 3 other cats but now just 1 other. Over time she has sort of relaxed to the point that she only runs to another room when the doorbell rings and she’s not cowering under the bed for an hour. And if visitors stay for a while she comes out to say hello and for pettings. I think that some cats are just like this and we try to accommodate her as best we can. She knows we love her and will care for her, but I don’t think she can help being skittish.

  7. Years ago, my family had an orange kitten and a tortie kitten and my mother named them Simon and Garfarkel. 100 points if you can remember what’s that from!

  8. “shortie tortie”….oh and we think her tail is shorter cause Molly got the rest of it 🙂

    love Stinkerbelle and Alice from behind….very interesting

  9. Wow! I’ve been reading here for a LONG time and I don’t think I remember ever seeing Stinkerbelle from the back before – she is GORGEOUS!! Such interesting colors. Those are great side by side comparisons. Both just stunning.

    Gotta love the variations in kitty fur patterns eh?

    • It’s entirely possible that I haven’t posted one before – mostly because she prefers to keep her eye on me. I don’t know how I managed to get a shot of her from the back. I’m sure that’ll never happen again!

  10. We are completely in love with Lizzie and were sad to hear she had been returned after such a short time (Grrr…). The nickname, shortie tortie, only makes her more special in our eyes. LOVE Stinkerbelle’s coloring! What a beauty her and Alice are.

  11. Yay! Thank you for the side by side – Miss Stinkerbelle looks completely different from the back than the front. They’re both just beautiful though!

  12. You never told anyone that Alice has the Eye of Sauron right in the middle of her back there. *arches eyebrows* World domination through kittehs huh?