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Thank you all so much for your kind, thoughtful, wonderful words about Corbie. We miss him an awful lot, but are starting to adjust to his absence. The other cats seem to have adjusted pretty well, though I think Jake misses his partner in crime.

I found some pictures of him on the memory stick in my camera, and I’ll share those in a future post.


If you haven’t been checking the Love & Hisses Facebook page, or looked over there in the sidebar, then you don’t know that this has happened:

Sookie went home on Saturday the 17th, then Lita and Stevie were adopted last Tuesday (to separate homes). Lizzy was actually adopted Friday night, but then returned on Sunday; it just sounds like it wasn’t a good fit.

I have pictures of all the girls from before they went off to Petsmart, which I’m sharing with you today and tomorrow.

Lita on the cat tree platform, minding her own business. Then suddenly Molly comes up from the floor to be all ::SLAP::

“Ha ha! You can’t reach me!”

Lizzy, hanging in her favorite hidey hole.

Molly, the little poser, and her six-foot tail.

“Hey! I’m in the wall basket! And you’re not! Ha ha!”

Leapin’ Molly. I love the way her tail is curled at the end.

I can tell by the look on Lita’s face that that playset is going DOWN.

Lizzy in her goin’-to-town finery.

Stevie and Pat and the Open Mouth of Outrage.

Stevie, trying to fight back.



Are you ready to meet the new guys?

Here we go!

Paul Simon (right) and Garfunkel (left).

(I would have simply named them Simon and Garfunkel, but there have been several Simons at Challenger’s House, so to make things easier I went with Paul Simon. I’ll just refer to him as Simon here on the blog, though.)

They came from the same apartment complex as Jethro, TC, Lizzy and Molly, and are actually a week to 10 days older, so they’re almost five months old. They were born to a different mother than the other litter, but it’s very likely that they share the same father. Personality-wise, Garfunkel reminds me very much of Lizzy, and Simon is like a mix of Lizzy and TC, with some Jethro thrown in.

Neither of them has Molly’s hissy princess personality. I heard a very slight hiss from Garfunkel during the first couple of days here (I think I startled him), but he promptly looked embarrassed by his own behavior.

They are lovebugs, and less than 24 hours after they came here, they were coming to me and actively seeking out being petted. If I didn’t know they’d been living outside until the night before they came to me, I’d never ever have guessed it. They are definitely well socialized kittens.

They’re going off to be neutered/id chipped today, and then it’s just a matter of treating their parasites and waiting out the time for their last vaccinations, and giving and getting lots and lots of snuggles.

You know how much I hate the snuggles.

Simon, less than 24 hours after arriving at Crooked Acres. “Stop talking, lady, and keep rubbin’ the belleh.”

He’s an air kneader. They both are!

Garfunkel reminds me a lot of Stompers. I think it’s the eyes.

Playful boy.


Not the greatest picture, but I wanted you to see Simon’s half-tail. It’s not quite as long as Lizzy’s. I’m thinking the partial-tail thing must be a family trait.


Silly boy.

Just so smoochable.

“Awww yeah, lady, that’s the spot.”


Maxi likes to come inside in the morning, curl up in the bed on Fred’s desk, and snooze the day away. Then she wakes up in the afternoon, thinks “WHY AM I IN THIS HORRIBLE HOUSE WITH ALL THESE OTHER CATS?!”, hisses and growls and smacks her way to the door, and demands to go back outside.


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1-26-15 — 26 Comments

  1. Great news about the adoptions!

    When kitties lie on their sides like that, it’s an open invitation to smooches (lookin’ at you, Simon). Wow, what a handsome pair!

  2. Welcome little ones! (Interesting about the tail)
    Maxi’s commentary was funny! Thank you for the smile!

  3. Good news (for the most part…) adoption-wise, and good luck today, kittens. I have a feeling these bookends will charm the smocks off the staff. And how lucky is Maxi!

  4. Oh jeez. I momentarily spaced out & daydreamed about how fun it would be to adopt Molly, Lizzy, Pat, Simon & Garfunkel (I’d change his name, btw) and in said dream I would have won the lottery so I wouldn’t have to go to work and could spend allllll day just snuggling, snuggling, snuggling…

  5. Why, hello, darkness, my (ok, not old) friend. And orange sweetie, too. (Those are some lovely kittens.)

  6. Yay for adoptions! I love the new kittens already. Especially Garfunkel. I am totally in love with our ginger boy/man/side of beef Hamilton. We have a lovely ginger boy at the pet store where I clean cages (I do that now thanks to Robyn’s influence!!!) and he is a big sweetie. What is it about the gingers? I had Hamilton at the vet for a yearly last week and the vet said he was the fourth big ginger boy that day and they all were laid back and big lovers.

    • I think all gingers are just total laid-back sweethearts! I’ve never had a mean or high-strung ginger kitty. Well, that I remember, anyway!

  7. Robyn-Glad you are back and happy for the adoptions and new guys. I have to relate a story to you that I’m sure will make you smile….The other night hubby and I were looking for something to do because there was NOTHING on TV. So he downloaded a trivia game to his tablet and we were having fun answering TV trivia for an hour or so. Then up comes a question about the names of the people on the Sopranos. HAHA! I never would have known about Paulie “Walnuts” if it hadn’t been for you so THANK YOU!

  8. Glad to see you back! And I’m so glad to hear about the multiple adoptions! Hopefully Simon and G-funk will settle in nicely at Crooked Acres. Looking at pictures of Garfunkle and Maxi, I cannot for the life of me imagine why people do not adopt more black cats. They’re sleek, slinky, and all-around gorgeous!

  9. I really, really hope that this is forever for Sookie. So glad to hear about the other adoption too. Those rock and roll girls, they’ll be fine.

    Simon could very easily steal my heart. Especially with that air-kneading shot. Gorgeous.

    BTW, did Challenger’s House tell you about donations from last week? I suspect that a lot of people were thinking of you and Fred.

    • They did, I completely forgot to mention it – about $850 in donations in Corbie’s memory were made last week. That’s really good!

  10. Oh, those new boys are just adorable!!

    Great news on the adoptions… and let’s hope Lizzy’s next home is just perfect for all concerned.

    Continuing to think of you guys as you adjust to the loss of dear Corbie. Of course it’s particularly hard at first, but as a lot of us have probably experienced, as we continue to grieve in the weeks/months/years after a beloved pet has passed, we might be blindsided by a wave of grief at any random moment. So… will continue to think of you and remember that beautiful boy.

  11. Oh, I just noticed the sidebar for Creed and Mr Stripey.

    I really hope those two find homes. Forever homes, soon.

    • I saw the sidebar, too – yay!!! I hope it helps those two sweet boys find their homes soon!

      And I love Simon’s “silly boy” picture – he has some side-loon showing!! 😀

  12. The adoption news is awesome – especially Sookie and Trick! I saw that he was adopted as well and I can’t tell you how relieved I am! I felt particularly invested in those two…can’t imagine why! 😉 Terry sends his love!

    • Trick was actually adopted by Challenger’s House volunteers! They just fell in love with him and had to have him. And the family that adopted Sookie was wonderful, too – I hope I hear from them, I’d love to know how she’s doing!