1-28-16 Crooked Acres Thursday

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

The crane (?) Great Blue Heron who’s been hanging around the pond. Fred calls him Harold.

I got a little too close, and off he flew.

George was too busy snoozing in a pile of leaves to worry about any ol’ crane.

Ducks, keeping an eye on me.

This helicopter flew overhead while I was out taking pictures. “Air Evac Lifeteam” is what it says on the side.

One of the boy ducks, gettin’ flappy. I love the flash of purple on his wing.

Boy ducks, on the move.

On cold days, the chickens prefer to hang out in the coop.

Fred opens the door to the coop, to let the sun shine in and the coop air out.

Gracie’s stone by the coop. See anything else of interest?

Judging by the lack of concern by the chickens and George, Archie must do this pretty regularly.

Squirrel on the tree in the back yard, eating a pecan.

Mourning Doves in the same tree, giving me attitude.

Icy Hydrangea. (I’d show you pictures of the snow we got, but it wasn’t much more than a dusting, so I didn’t bother to take any pictures.)

Mourning Dove on the fence.

We hired someone to come out and do some repairs and paint the tractor shed/workshop. It looks much better, but BOY is that one crooked building.



Such a pretty girl.

She loves to sit and look out the window. I can’t get her interested in that wall bed. I even took half the teddy bears out, and she still refuses to go into it. Always ruining my good photo ideas, Koko! Hmph.


Video! In case you wondered what Koko sounds like, here you go.

YouTube link.


Dennis, waiting for a kiss. Is he the most gorgeous boy, or what? All my cats have such pretty eyes!


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1-28-16 Crooked Acres Thursday — 29 Comments

  1. Your crane looks like a Great Blue Heron to me — we have a couple around here that I see in the stream or ponds nearby. Beautiful!

  2. It is starting to look like Miss Koko is getting a bit lumpity!

    I don’t remember…is the area the cats wander in outside fenced? And how do you keep them from jumping it?

  3. Archie is a hoot! George has quite the winter coat going on. Koko has a precious squeaky voice. AND…give Dennis a kiss ASAP!

  4. Does Archie defy the invisible fence or does he not wear a collar for it? Somehow I always wonder how those work when all they have to do is put up with the zap until they’re on the other side of the line, it can’t hurt that much, can it?
    Koko has a sweet baby meow!

  5. Am I the only one amused by the fact that Fred names the wild bird outside (I agree with the other person who called it a blue heron), but he calls the kittens who live in the house by the color of collar they wear? Just kind of cracked me up this morning. :o)

  6. Oh, that Archie! His tail looks super long in that photo. I guess he gets along better with chickens than other cats, hehehe, silly boy. Love those white toes!

  7. I guess it’s called “Crooked” Acres for a reason!

    Koko is beautiful and she meows just like a kitten.

  8. oh George….must be he knows the difference between a heron and a hot air balloon LOL

    Yep – Archie must be a regular visitor not to get the chickens all wound up

    2011: “I hope Corbie finds his forever home soon” bwahaha

  9. Yep Dennis is gorgeous and so are his turquoise eyes.

    Love Koko’s profile. She has retained her kittenish voice but then IIRC you did say she was young, sort of a teenager cat.

  10. Your ducks need to watch out for that heron – my parents have a visiting heron and they once saw him swallowing an adult duck whole.

  11. I just can’t get over how pretty Koko’s colors are. I love multicolored cats. I also love all other cats, but calicos and torties are so striking!

  12. love that photo of Dennis

    I bet Koko isn’t having babies until April 1st 🙂

    (you should do a baby drop contest to raise money for challenger’s house)