1-27-16 Wednesday

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We need your help in finding the right home for our sweet JILL MUNROE!

Please consider family, friends, those who may have a loving & calm home for this beautiful girl… She, and her sisters Cagney & Rizzoli, have been waiting far too long for their forever home(s). Jill is particularly tugging at our hearts, as she is quite timid and somewhat nervous around new people when she first meets them but with a little time and patience, she will calm down and become some lucky person’s best friend. She often fades into her bed when adopters come to look, and she is the last one to come out of their cage when it’s free time to play and explore each morning and evening with the volunteers.

Jill is just a kitten at 9 months old, and has the curiosity of a kitten & the desire to play. We see it break out every so often, but we know it should happen so much more, as it does with her sisters!! When we do get to see a spurt of pure, frisky, fun in Jill, imagine how excited we all are!! We each want SO much to see her in a loving home where she will feel safe and spoiled and can begin to run around & play to not only be as happy as she deserves, but also to shed a wee bit of fluff she has gained in the cat room. If you already have a cat in your home, with proper introductions, she would probably do OK with them. But ideally, it would be nice if she could be adopted with one of her sisters, to increase her comfort level. She seems to get along best with Cagney, but Rizzoli would also be a good choice.

PLEASE Share this Post about our pretty JILL – help all of us at Challenger’s House celebrate the day we see her able to relax in her forever home!! You can see Jill at Petsmart on University Drive in Huntsville, Alabama, and can meet her there during Adoption hours 6pm-8pm Tuesday & Thursday evenings and on Saturdays 11am-4pm. You may also contact Challenger’s House with questions at 256-420-5995.

If you would please share Jill’s story, I would appreciate it so very much. You can see (and share) the post about her on Facebook here, you can share this Love & Hisses post, or feel free to use the picture above to share. The sooner we can get that sweet girl in a forever home, the better. Her people need to get a move on!


If a girl’s going to bake some babies…

What better place to do it than in a pie plate?

“This is pretty comfy.”

“Babies! You can come out any time now, the lady says!”

“They said to tell you not to hold your breath.”

You can’t tell from these pictures, but she’s definitely starting to get a rounder belly and look obviously pregnant, at least to me. She doesn’t have much of an appetite – I’m used to pregnant cats being absolutely voracious – but I offered her a plate of chicken baby food last night, and she gulped it down in no time flat. Guess I’d better stock up on baby food!


Oh, Stefan. Such a rough, rough life.

Speaking of Stefan, last week when it was cold and wet outside, this happened (you may have already seen it on Facebook or Instagram). This is Archie, giving Stefan what-for. It totally sounds like Archie is chewing his words before he spits them out at Archie, doesn’t it? (They were peaceably separated and both curled up asleep not long after.)

YouTube link.


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1-27-16 Wednesday — 13 Comments

  1. I have watched that video of Archie and Stefan at least 4 times now. Ok…maybe 5. It cracks me up every time. 🙂

  2. I just don’t get it. One minute mine are curled up with each other on the couch the next they are spitting foul cat words at each other and you think they are going to kill each other. I love how Stefan thought it was the better part of valor to just become a statue and not make a move until Fred stepped in and took Archie away. They just crack me up. I love the Stefan. The orange boys have just taken over my heart. Totally.

    • We’ve found that Stefan will never make the first move, but if Archie goes at him, Stefan will knock him OUT. Archie knows this, I assume, so he’s all talk. He’ll stand there and do that forever, or until one of us separates them.

  3. I posted Jill’s story on my Facebook. I hope her people come soon. They must be busy right now. I think she would be totally overwhelmed with my 4 furbots. Or she would fall in love with Hamilton and become his bestie forever. It could go either way. Of course, since the hubs will not let in anymore (even though the last adoption was completely his idea) it is a mute point. Fingers crossed for Jill. She is so pretty.

      • Oh that would be so cute! Imagine a little buff boy named Banana Cream! how about a tortie named Turtle Pie Baby? Shoofly? Shoot, with pie, you could even go Pizza Pie! Sounds like something to add to your list of future names? Perhaps there’s another kitty out there engaging in questionable behavior who will come to the Crooked Acres Maternity Ward soon!

  4. Is that Alice looking like she’s got a bag of popcorn and is ready for a long awaited cage match?

    I’m surprised that they have never just let the fur fly and settle things. Or maybe they have and I’ve missed it. Personally I’d put money on Archie but Stefan does have a couple pounds on him.

    Oh Tommy, we still miss you. Love those old pics with the black Peppers.

    • Yep, that’s Alice in her chair watching the drama. She’s just glad none of it is directed toward her!

      Stefan is never the instigator of these face-offs, but we’ve found that if Archie attacks, Stefan always gets the upper paw. I think Archie knows that, so he’s all talk. He’d do that forever if we didn’t separate them, I think.

  5. Robyn- Did you note that Challenger House not only has Jill Monroe but her sisters Cagney and Rizzoli. Were other siblings, such as Lacey and Isles, already adopted? An idea for a future Crooked Acres litter: TV crimefighters! Plenty of both male and female names as needed, without duplicating Challenger House names!

    Of course, I am biased regarding this theme, having had a Cagney & Lacey as my heart cats!

    • There was definitely a Lacey who got adopted, but I’m not sure about Isles. I’ll have to ask Kathie!

      I like the crime fighters as a future naming theme!