1-26-16 Tuesday

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Just a reminder that you can see updates (including pictures!) on True Blood Bill on Instagram, here (you don’t need to have an Instagram account). He had a rough weekend, but I think he’s doing a little better. I know Ann and Rich could use your good thoughts!


If you’ve been thinking about giving the Cat Lady Box a try, let me tell you that I joined up pretty much the instant I read about it, and I love getting my box every month. Unlike other monthly boxes, this one is for the human in the household, though you can also upgrade and have a little something added in for your kitties, too.

(I was just recently telling some friends how smart Dorian was to notice this niche and decide to fill it. You can read about Dorian and her team here.)

Dorian donates a percentage of proceeds to different rescues every month or two, and Challenger’s House was lucky enough to be their rescue for October and November. Susan received their very generous donation a couple of weeks ago, and this time of year the money will come in VERY handy.

So, in summation: you get cool stuff, your cat(s) get an awesome box perfectly sized for the smallest to the large (NEWT) kitties, and Cat Lady Box supports rescues. Does it get any better than that? I think not!

(I was not paid or compensated for this post, I’m just sharing something I think is cool!)


So, after announcing Koko’s name yesterday, I realized that I have no idea what I’m going to call the litter. The only thing I can think of is “The Beach Babies.” I don’t know – what do y’all think? Got suggestions? You know I love to hear ’em!


I introduced Koko to the boringly named Petsafe Cheese Toy, and she found it interesting, at least for a little while.

“Well, hello little mousie!”

“Come back here!”

“Coooome to Mama!”

“Lady, it keeps getting away from me!”

Koko is doing well. I worry about her getting bored in that room, but she never seems bored to me, she’s usually sleeping when I go in, and very often she takes her time coming over to me. We’ve talked about letting her have the run of the upstairs, since I think it’ll be a while before she has her kittens, but she’s not showing much interest in expanding her horizons, so I think for now we’ll keep her confined.


Alice Mo and the pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty eyes.

YouTube link.


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  1. Oh, well…. taking a look at the “Previously” list of posts on the bottom of the page, I noticed that one year ago you posted about the arrival of Simon and Garfunkel, and I realized that this is my first “birthday” here at Love&Hisses, since I remember I came here for the firt time on the same day you announced them! So, thank you Ms. Robyn for this year of pictures, of laughtures, of cute kittens, of happy moments, but also thanks for having shared with us your losses and your grief. I feel really lucky to be one of your readers πŸ™‚

  2. I need to start doing the Cat Lady box, too. I currently do KitNip Box.
    I like the Beach Babies. If they are all boys, they can be the Beach Boys, and if all girls, the Beach Bunnies. You could also maybe consider The Surfers.
    Alice Mo does have pretty, pretty, eyes!!!

  3. Beach Babies is adorable!
    If they’re boys you could name them after the band members, then if you have a few girls you could name them after some of theit songs…. Help me Rhonda, Carolina No…. that’s all I can think of right now…

    • This makes me think of The Gulag Archipelago, which I read in high school to impress a teacher (and which was way, way over my head!) πŸ™‚

  4. I like Beach Babies. If they turn out to be all boys, you could switch to calling them the Beach Boys! I also like the names being from the song Kokomo.

  5. I love the Forward Ears of Interest in the first photo. She looks like a very sweet and fun kitty.

  6. For Ann and Rich, thank you for being such a caring family — may Bill be back to his happy, healthy self very, very soon.

  7. This is Terry’s mom and I’ve been checking on Bill everyday on Instagram.(I don’t have an IG account, so I hope Ann & Rich see this!) All of our healing and best thoughts are headed their way. Know we are thinking about you all.

  8. In my head, I was calling them the Beaches already. But maybe it’s not the best idea. ;D

  9. Thanks everyone for the good thoughts and prayers for Bill! Boy, he is putting us through it this time but not his fault…. this is a very crazy surgery to recover from and he was doing good until last Friday when he got either a UTI or bladder infection and promptly said I’m done eating/drinking. The antibiotics are finally kicking in and along with the appetite stimulant pill they got in him yesterday, he ate little bites several times last night and then actually drank water for me this morning! Course then we packed him up and back to the vet for a day of observation. The biggest trick is making sure that as he heals with his new urethra that the scar tissue doesn’t close that up and block him AGAIN! So our awesome vet is making sure to check him out at least once a week for about 8 weeks until we are beyond this healing period. Rich and I are giving him as much love and kisses as we can to get our baby back to running around like crazy and back to playing with the kittens!

    ps Hi to Christine and brother Terry!!!!

    • That is so scary when they stop eating but it sounds like you’re on top of it. So glad the appetite is coming back!

      Yes, we all need him running around again and playing with his siblings. Thank you for the updates!

    • Thank you Ann for the update about your sweet boy, we are sending good healing vibes and scritches from overseas, tell him that our kittens Tigro and Billo are rooting for him!!

    • when one of our male kitties wouldn’t eat after a urinary blockage, we would use one of those little plungers that come with the liquid meds, and squirt a little wet food into his mouth. After a couple of tries, he started eating again.

      Good luck! Go Bill!

    • Keep us updated! I remember when my Baal had that surgery a long time ago. He blocked after 12 years of having his urinary condition under control but recovered well despite his age and other health issues. We’re pulling for Bill and sending you big hugs and purrs!

    • I don’t know if you’ll see this but have you tried Robyn’s trick of baby food? I did that with an extremely sick cat years ago and it really helped him to get on the road to recovery. Give chicken baby food a try.

  10. Oh! Oh! I have a naming theme idea! Koko Taylor is (was? not sure…) a famous blues singer. You could name them The Blue Notes and you’d have a plethora of cool names to choose from. Ida and Bessie and Billie and Janis and B.B.King and Muddy Waters and Mississippi John and, and… Anyway I think you’d come up with lots of names with five minutes on Google or blues-loving friends.

  11. In case I missed it Robyn, is there a blog or something that I could keep track of those adorable little wee kittens that were just born in addition to seeing them on facebook?

  12. Oh, Robyn, don’t you know the second you let Koko have the run of the upstairs, Fred will have babies under his bed? Don’t ask me how I know (except it was between the wall and the waterbed).

  13. not sure it’s right for this bunch, but I *love* the Sea Monkeys for a litter with ocean-y names.

  14. Kittens of the Caribbean? Of course then you would have to name a boy Captain Jack Sparrow not all island names.

  15. Well, the first lyric is “off the Florida Keys”, so they could be the Keys. Which also ties in with babytalk for kittycat, which often comes out as KeeKat.