1-25-16 Monday

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Okay, I’ve named Mama. Who knows when she’s going to birth those babies? I was initially going to name her – at someone’s suggestion – Loretta Lynn and then name the babies after country singers, but then Amy swooped in on Friday morning and made another suggestion that I really liked:

While listening to my song list on shuffle, Kokomo by the Beach Boys came on and I thought Aruba, Jamaica, Bahama, Largo and Kokomo would be interesting names. Maybe I just have the beach on my mind too much..

So meet…

Kokomo. We’ll call her Koko, of course.

Except for Bahama, none of the names have been used – I went and looked at the lyrics (it’s been a while since I heard the song), and added Martinique and Monserrat to the list (we’ll skip Port Au Prince), so as long as she has fewer than seven kittens, we’re good to go. Thanks for the suggestion, Amy!

I introduced Koko to the Petstages Purr Pillow and she was initially interested in it.

“Hello? HELLO? Why you purring at me, weirdo?” But then she lost interest and moved on.

“Oooh, this is purty!”


Jake continues to adore his shark cave.

“::thlurrp:: I’m a shark!”


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1-25-16 Monday — 36 Comments

  1. Lovely name for a lovely girl. As long as she doesn’t start solving crimes, you’re good. And Yum-Yum is a good backup name if the numbers get too large.

  2. Love the name theme with sunny, warm Beach Boy memories! Ah…perfect to drive away the ‘winter blues’!!! KoKo fits her purr-fectly:-) I love how that black marking on her face is shaped like a feather in that first photo (or a furry tail)! She has such a sweet face and those little freckles on her nose are too cute:-) She does look rounder too:-))) Hope the kitties will be born soon! Love the last photo of Jake in his shark cave….that slurping tongue says it all:-)

  3. I think Koko suits her! And those beach names are going to be adorable on her pretty kittens (cuz we KNOW they are gonna be schweeeet)!

    Jakey in his shark cave is funny… I very much doubt my cats would get into something like that!

    • Jake’s always been a cave dweller, but he loves that shark cave more than any other cave bed I’ve offered him. Probably of the location – he can lay there and keep an eye on me. 🙂

  4. Ooo, I REALLY like this theme!!! She’s such a purty girl and now she has a purty name that fits her purrrfectly.

    … I’ll just go now.

  5. Love the naming theme, and sooo glad she has a name, Hi, Koko!!

    I’m sure you can add some tropical islands if that poor girl has more than seven babies, but then again she may just run away and leave the name Kokomo available if that happens!!!! 😉

    • Oh, I hope so very very much that she doesn’t have more than 7 kittens! Not because it wouldn’t be fun eventually, but I bet that poor girl would be so overwhelmed!

  6. Jake thlurrping is the cutest! I love Kokomo/Koko and Amy’s suggestion was awesome! The beaches will make us thing of warmer season now that everyone is freezing in the North face of the planet.

  7. Koko and beach names are great. Good job Amy!

    Question: Wasn’t Creed adopted? I noticed the sidebar today and saw there was not an adopted tag. Darn-I hope it was an error.

    • No, he hasn’t been adopted. He’s currently at the shelter, ruling the cat room. Susan said that he greets everyone who comes through the door and gets lots of love from them. I wish someone would adopt him, but he’s not doing too badly at the shelter.

  8. Great idea on the names. Leaves lots of options for a large litter: Myrtle, Duck, Kiawah, Rehoboth…

  9. Perfect theme! Especially since I am surrounded by several feet of snow (in a place where it is expected!) and while I love winter, I have to admit a bit of tropical warmth would be nice on a temporary basis. But not for long, I do much better in the cold.

    And the current Beach Boys put on a really fun show if you get to see them – they were here a couple of years back and I worked at the concert so got paid to hear them. Much fun.

  10. Absolutely loathe that song but Koko so fits her. And she actually looking pregnant now. Not suggesting a shit from behind but definitely looking rounder.

    Oh Jake, you loon.

    • I remembered this morning to get a belly picture (with Fred holding her up). I think that girl’s got a ways to go!

  11. Good morning sweet Koko !!! I love your new name !!! Of course I am a little biased as this is what my Dad has called me my whole life !!!! It would be so awesome if the babies were born on my birthday in two weeks but I don’t think I want to wait at long !!!! I also know Robyn doesn’t want to wait that long either !!!!!!

    Jake really shows his loon when he is in his shark cave !!!

    • I’m starting to think it’s entirely possible that it could be a few more weeks… I hope I don’t expire from impatience before then! 🙂

  12. I have images in my head now of Koko in that shark bed giving birth and having the kittens spill out of his mouth..

    I think I need help.

  13. I too love the Beach Boys and think Koko is a wonderful name for mama and Aruba, Jamaica, Bahama, etc for her kittens – BUT EARWORM ALERT! Guess what I have been humming all morning!

    Sending good thoughts to all in the mid-Atlantic states!

  14. That shark cave bed cracks me up!

    Yeah, wouldn’t that be somethin’ if Koko were to have her little tiger cubs in the shark cave. Mess aside – how would you get decent pictures of them when they’re newly born?!!

    Will you ever give Koko the run of the upstairs, or introduce her into GenPop (she’s got the whole Orange is the New Black thing going on with her pretty coat after all) at some point before the babies arrive?

    (BTW Robyn, can I request another picture be added to the Fav Pics section? That awesome one from last week of one of the Coaches on the cat tree looking up adoringly at his Grandma, Queen Poo!)

    • I’ll add that picture! I ran across it yesterday, and the more I look at it, the more it tugs at my heartstrings. 🙂

      We’ve been talking about letting her have the run of the upstairs – especially because I think it’ll be a while before she has her kittens. But she’s not known much interest in expanding her horizons, so I think we’ll keep her confined for now. If she starts seeming bored or shows more interest in roaming, we’ll give her the upstairs to run around in.

  15. Did I miss something? What happened to that tabby that just had babies last week? Did you send her somewhere else? I was so excited there were new kittens.

    • Cheryl, I think you’re thinking of Inspurration on Facebook. She got a pregnant cat the day after I got Koko, and her mama gave birth that very night. I shared her picture on the Facebook page. I, however, am impatiently waiting for Koko to give me those kittens. 🙂

      • Oh that’s why I thought it was you because you shared it-DUH I’ll get the hang of this internuts thing soon.(I hope)