2-5-19 Tuesday

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In yesterday’s comments, Holly asked:

What were the largest kittens you’ve ever had born?(Weight-wise)

Unfortunately, I can’t really answer that, because I don’t weigh them when they’re born (though I probably should) because I’ve always tried to avoid handling newborn kittens so that I don’t stress out their mama(s) more than I have to. I don’t remember thinking “Holy COW, that’s a big kitten!” about any of them in particular, though it’s possible I did at the time, and just don’t remember.

However one kitten did come to mind – the one I occasionally referred to as “Little Big Head.” That, of course, was Khaleesi’s kitten Puff, who had the biggest, roundest head I’ve ever seen on a kitten.

Puff became Hook when he was adopted (joining his big brother Flynn, who was Kohle when he was with us for a few weeks back in 2012), and not long after I read Holly’s comment, Selena happened to share some pictures of Hook and Flynn.

This is how we start our Mondays. Hook has to have his brother time. Flynn is sweet enough to deal with it.

(Hook’s face is cracking me UP.)

I just love seeing that brudderly love!

(Thanks, Selena!)


This is a screenshot from the Nest cam yesterday. You can’t see him all that well, but Charles is in the gray bed in the upper left corner of the room, and Caroline is in the pie plate in front of the window, in the lower right corner of the room. The only way they could have gotten any more distance is if Caroline had gone into the closet and slept in the litter box.

I have yet to walk into the room and find them curled up together, but if they’re in the right mood (sleepy and not hungry), when I sit down on the floor they come and hang out with me, and with each other. (They hang out with each other plenty when I’m not in the room, too, they just tend to retreat to their own corners to sleep, it seems.)

This happens a LOT. So sweet.

…so snuggly…


“I love youuuuuuu.”
“I love you toooooo.”

And then apparently it becomes time for Charles to bunny-kick his pregnant teenage bride in the head. As you do.
(Don’t feel bad for her. She starts most of the play-fights, and she’s really good at ending them, too.)


The little kicked-out leg cracks me UP. That Alice Mo certainly does love her some sunshine.

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2-5-19 Tuesday — 6 Comments

  1. Love seeing the boys all grown up and happy! Oh, I remember the Puffster’s head all right…lol, nice to see he grew into it.

    Such a flirt is that Caroline…

  2. In our house we call the one leg out “the ol’ razzle dazzle” be it cracks my husband up every time.