2-6-19 Wednesday

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It’s only been a few months since he was with us so I’m sure y’all remember him, but here’s a picture of RonRon (the kitten formerly known as Tank) when he was with us back in November.

And here he is now!

Paul said: RonRon is fitting in well here and getting bigger!

Dog does not phase him in the least!

I am not the tiniest bit surprised at how well that boy is doing, and I love seeing that sweet face again!

(Thanks, Paul!)


Hanging out with his catnip toy.

Charles has his Ears of Annoyance on display as he waits for Caroline to be done at the food bowl.


Come on, how CUTE are these two?

Charles on the ham-mick.

Charles on the ham-mick, facing down Caroline.

Caroline on the ham-mick, all “What? He didn’t look comfy, I encouraged him to move along.”

One thing that’s different in the foster room this time around, that I haven’t had to deal with in the past, is that there’s no area Charles can’t get to. He’s a fully grown cat, and he’s got excellent jumping skills. Thus far he’s walked up along the shelf over the crate – the one area we didn’t have doors put on, because we figured kittens would never be able to get up there. He’s jumped up onto the wire shelves in the closet, which are 6 feet up (he jumps from the cabinet under the window). He also jumps up onto the top of the built-in cabinet where – if this were a bedroom – a TV would sit. He’s knocked a few things down, but there’s no real damage he can do now that I moved everything breakable behind the doors of the cabinets with doors on them.

In any case, I tell you all that so I can tell you this: on the wall over the built-in (TV) cabinet is where the feather teasers are kept. Every morning when I walk in, there’s one particular teaser laying on the floor. I figured that he was getting up there, knocking a teaser onto the floor, and then playing with it.

So yesterday morning I was scooping litter boxes, and I stepped out of the closet (where the litter boxes are) to see Charles knock the teaser to the floor. He jumped down after it and picked it up, walked over to where Caroline was sitting, dropped it in front of her, and chirruped at her. She sniffed at it, batted at it for a moment, then licked him on top of the head, and walked off.

Then I died from the cute.


Sometimes Archie knocks over his box of paper so he can climb inside, shred some paper, and then take a bath.

And sometimes he leaves the box sitting upright, climbs inside, and takes a nap.


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2-6-19 Wednesday — 12 Comments

  1. Oh Archie, I could just squeeze the stuffing out of you!

    Something tells me that Charles is going to make an excellent Pa. That he does that is the sweetest thing ever… 🙂

  2. I highly approve of the extreme level of adorable in this post. It’s making me all happy, which is quite something as I have a stinking cold. Thank you for bringing the cute today 😀

  3. Wow, RonRon is such the perfect name for that sweet boy. Thank you for the update, he’s obviously living a stressful life, not.

    Maybe this was the equivalent of a pickles and ice cream run for the Ingalls.

  4. I hopehopehope that Charles and Caroline are adopted together! They are such a sweet couple 🙂

  5. OMG awww he’s hunting for her. That absolutely slays me. These two are the best.

  6. Charles is so adorable, and I love his face. I hope that he will be a loving daddy cat. And Caroline is just the cutest little thing, being pregnant so young must be hard on her. Can’t wait to see the babies – would be great if they were born on Valentines day. I think you would have to make an exception to the naming scheme and name one of them Valentine or Valentino – just a traveler passing through Walnut Grove

  7. OMG Charles. You are the perfect expectant papa. I am grinning like a fool over the cat teaser story.