1-16-20 Thursday

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Look at these sweet little faces…

That’s Amber (formerly Ambercup) on the left, and Mercury’s Missions Phoenix in the back, and Stardust on the right.

Debra said: I sewed up an emergency heat reflecting Mylar sheet in an envelope of fuzzy fabric…

How smart is that? Don’t they look cozy and warm? Don’t you just wanna crawl into that cuddle puddle and a take a nap? (Thanks, Debra!)


In case you missed it on social media yesterday, not only is Natalia NOT pregnant, she’s actually already been spayed! No kittens for her.

“YOU PROMISED ME KITTENS, LADY.” (Actually that’s the face she gave me because I stopped petting her to take her picture.)

She’s such a cutie.

“Keep petting, lady.”

So she didn’t even need an ultrasound – they shaved her belly, spotted the incision and tattoo, and knew there’s no chance she’s pregnant. She’s gotten her rabies shot and dewormer, she’ll get her vaccination on Friday, and hopefully she’ll end up going home straight from here. Fingers crossed!


Josephine, exploring.

Gabrielle, chilling.

JoJo’s cheesecake pose.

Josephine in the sun.

Gabrielle’s all “If Unca Newt isn’t going to use the tiki hut, then it’s mine!”


Oh, that Alice Mo. She’s the PRETTIEST.

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