12-31-19 New Year’s Eve Tuesday

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Back in late summer/fall of 2018, we had Ryder and her Fleet o’ kittens, including this little muffin…

Her face is KILLING ME. “You try touch my brudders again, I keel you, lady. KEEL YOU DEAD.”

That was Dynamo. These days she’s Piper, and here she is now!

Katelyn said: She got in there all by herself! And she usually carries her springs in the paper bag then jumps in there after them and bats them around inside the bag. Piper has gotten to where she floofs when Steven comes home. She isn’t expecting the noise in the kitchen of the door opening 😂 she floofs, goes to check it out, then meows and purrs when she realizes it’s her daddy. She doesn’t arch her back, just puffs her tail up even more huge than it already is.

As you may have guessed, Piper is TOTALLY a Daddy’s girl, and just the HAPPIEST muffin.

(Thanks, Katelyn!)


Back in 2014, we had a cobbled-together litter of kittens who were mostly orange (we had one brown tabby) and who we called the Cheez Doodles. One of those was this guy right here, Marshall:

At the same time, Dennis (who was our foster at that point – we hadn’t made him a permanent resident yet) managed to get out of the house and go missing overnight. We were BESIDE ourselves and tramped all over the property calling and calling for him. When Fred got up the next morning, Dennis was waiting on the side porch. A little while later when Fred went out to do his morning chores, a little black and white tuxie came running from the front porch. Fred was 100% convinced that Dennis found her somewhere and said “Follow me! I know some people who’ll feed you!” We didn’t have room for her, so she went immediately to Challenger’s House, where she stayed until she was big enough to be spayed and go to Petsmart. We named her Monday because that’s the day of the week she showed up (yeah, I know, original). And this is what SHE looked like.

Monday and the Cheez Doodles – including Marshall – happened to be at Petsmart at the same time, and as the other Cheez Doodles were adopted, Marshall needed a friend. Lisa took this picture of Monday and Marshall in September, curled up together.

A few weeks after that, Monday and Marshall were adopted – TOGETHER! – by Challenger’s House volunteers Orrin and Margaret. Marshall is now Pete, and Monday is now Lucy, and here they are!

Pete (aka Marshall, ginger) and Lucy (aka Monday, b&w) hanging out in one of their favorite places – cat beds on top of drying rack in the sun. Hard to tell in this picture, but Pete actually bigger at 14 lbs than Lucy at 9 lbs.

(Thanks, Orrin!)


Jake’s keeping an eye on Earl the Skwerl.

He decided to get a little closer.


Sheriff Mama hopes you have a warm and sparkly New Year’s Eve. Be safe – she’s comfy where she is and would rather not have to get out of her cozy bed to write you a ticket.


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