12-10-19 Tuesday

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I managed to get a shot of Dewey before he realized I was doing it (and then I went away and left him in peace.)

(Dewey hates to have the camera pointed at him and it’s hard to get pictures of him. So MEAN.)

Jake, enjoying some sunshine.

Sheriff Mama (Kara) gets a snuggle in a rare moment where she isn’t patrolling the back yard.

Frankie considers a snuggle.

Rough life, Khal (and Frankie decided to take a nap instead of get a snuggle, obviously).

Archie’s keeping an eye on Earl the Skwerl.

A CLOSE eye.

(Speaking of squirrels, if you’re on Instagram and don’t already follow Jill the Squirrel, you oughta. It’s awesome!)


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