12-20-19 Friday

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Back in 2011 and early 2012, we had a litter of kittens we called the Peppers Gang. One of those kittens was Everett Peppers, who looked like this in August of 2011.

And like this in February 2012.

Everett and his sisters Sally and Lucy went to Petsmart and came back a few times for breaks before they were adopted, as I recall. Everett was the leapingest leaper who ever leapt, and he would jump up after Da Bird and it seemed like he’d just hang there in mid air for 45 minutes before landing on the ground again.

Well, here’s Everett now!

Emma said: Everett Peppers is 8.5 years old and still living his best life. He wishes all of you and his furry friends a Happy Holidays!

Is that the SWEETEST THING EVER, or what? (Thanks, Emma!)


When you finish with the living, maybe bios on the dear departed?

Maybe once Christmas has passed, I’ll do that. I’ll have to do several per post, though – if you include George and Gracie, we’ve lost a total 19 over the years.


Didn’t Frankie lay smack down on Archie more than once? He was the big brother who had enough of his little buddy being pushed around.

I think you’re right! I do believe Archie got the ol’ smackeroo a few times when he tried to show Dewey who the boss was.


Alice so loves her daddy. I love it when he gives your ham tribute. No mention of how she got her own theme song? How many cats have their own theme song?

Oh, I don’t even remember how her theme song happened. Fred started calling her “Alice Mo the calico,” and the last line just came out of my mouth at some point, and then I put it to a tune (kinda.)

The only other cat with her own theme was Maxi, though I didn’t post it very often. Theme songs have to happen naturally, you can’t force them!

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Never heard the term “loons” before. Is that something you made up or is that a real term for those puffy cheeks? I’ve never seen a cat with loons before, either.

You know, I’m not entirely sure how to explain it. When Jake was little, he gave us those bug-eyed looks, and at some point Fred said “He looks completely insane.” Which turned into “Jake’s gone loony again” and then we referred to his loons and when he looked particularly nuts we’d say his loons were well-tuned. Which turned into us referring to his “loons” as shorthand. I don’t know – does any of that make sense?


Sorry Elwood’s journey was cut so short. Do you know how he contracted the FIP?

Most cats have been exposed to coronavirus, and in a very small percent of cases, feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is caused by a mutation of the coronavirus or by an aberration of the immune response to coronavirus. (More about FIP here.)


How do you pronounce the sheriff mama’s given name? Is it Care-Uh or is it Car-Uh or something totally different?

We pronounce it Care-Uh, but wouldn’t be offended by Car-Uh.


Would LOVE to take you up on your offer for copies of favorite photos. My 3 favorites are the black kitten with the floof suit (profile), Kara of her doing a yoga stretch before her daily walk watch, and the three yowling kittens in the kennel with their food in plain sight. If you have the time would appreciate it.

I am going to need a little guidance here. Is the black kitten in the floof suit this one?

Is this the Kara yoga stretch you’re referring to?

I know what the third picture is, though! (This one, right?)

Let me know if those are the right pictures, and I’ll get them uploaded to Society6.


Is Khal able to keep himself unmatted? He looks a lot like my long term foster Pepper, who would not let me brush him, and who would develop serious mats. Eventually I just got in the habit of taking him to a groomer every few months, she would shave as necessary to get him unmatted.

Fred brushes Khal 2 – 3 times a week, which seems to keep the mats at bay. Lucky for us, he likes to be brushed.


What did happen to Stefan, if I may ask? It broke my heart…I can’t imagine how y’all felt.

It was cancer of some form – the vet was relatively certain it was bone cancer. The only way to have known for 100% sure was to have a bone marrow biopsy, and neither of us was willing to put him through that.


All the cats are obsessed with trying to find a way under the deck; here’s Khal taking a look around to see if a place to crawl underneath has magically appeared.

I would let them go under the deck all they want if the space were big enough for a human to walk (or even crawl) under. But it’s not and if a cat were to get under there to hide from us, I’d have to slide in on my stomach and inchworm as far under as possible to reach them. I don’t mind being in a small space (I’m not the slightest bit claustrophobic and in fact I find small spaces soothing; I could easily slide under there and take a nap)(wait. Am I a cat??) but there’s a space in the far corner that’s too small for me to get to, and so the space is blocked off. Doesn’t stop them from checking for a way in all the time, though.

Guess who’s having a dental on Monday? Merry Christmas, Jake!

AND Alice! Y’all will have shiny teeth and fresh breath for the holiday, hurray!

Newt has a thlurrrp.

Oh, this girl and her little-old-lady face. I gave her a squeeze after I took this picture and she squeaked and ran off. No one appreciates me.


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