12-10-15 Thursday

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Throwback Thursday: Newt and Maxi

I recently ran across this picture of Newt from… well, the picture is named “Newt 2008ish”, but it was actually taken in March 2007. Nance and Rick were visiting, and I used their Nikon to take the picture.

It blows me away what a KITTEN he still was!

And while I was trying to figure out the date on that picture, I ran across this one, from November 2006.

That’s Maxi and Newt. I can’t believe how tiny she was. She’s not a large-framed cat, but she’s so TINY there.

That was when we’d bought this house but we were working on the inside of the house and didn’t move in ’til spring 2007. We’d had Maxi and Newt spayed and neutered, Maxi’s kittens had all been adopted out through Challenger’s House. We couldn’t convince Maxi and Newt to come inside (MY how things have changed), so we put towels in a huge cardboard box and made sure they had food and water.

(If you’re interested and haven’t already read it – or want to read it again – here’s the post wherein Maxi and Newt showed up one day with her kittens. At that point, we thought Newt was the father to those kittens so we were calling him “Daddy”; when I actually took them in to have them spayed and neutered, the vet said she thought Newt might be one of Maxi’s kittens from a previous litter.)


Good morning, sunshine.

Adele and her “baby.” She really likes to beat that thing up!


Joe Bob’s lower lip was a little swollen for a day, and just as I started seriously considering taking him to the vet, it went back to normal. I think Joe Bob just likes to mess with me.


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  1. That’s apparently the nature of a Joe Bob. I have one, named after yours, because he’s also gray and white. He just showed up at my house last winter and decided to stay after coming to visit on the weekends for about a month. He decided to add some excitement to my Thanksgiving by being perfectly fine on Wednesday and then Thursday morning having one eye swollen shut and seeming to feel so bad he couldn’t get out of bed. I’d already had to call an ambulance for my 91 year old father (long ridiculous story that turned out better than expected) so I called my vet and asked if anyone was going to be at the office anytime that day could I bring Joe Bob and drop him off because I thought I was going to be at an out of town hospital with my dad. I have the best vet on earth, he offered to meet me right then so I loaded up the Bob who sang me the song of his people for the entire 25 minute drive. By the time we got there, he had pawed his eye open, which was then running with pus and stunk to high heaven. with the help of Dr. Williams and some antibiotics, he’s back to good as new.

  2. I think that Adele will need to take her “baby” with her when she gets adopted. (by me *cough*)

    I love that pic of Maxi and Newt. It looks like they are getting into position to do that two person somersault thingy. 🙂

  3. can I just say I laughed when I followed the “calendars on the sidebar” arrow and it runs right into Adele’s available picture?? so what – but a calendar get a kitten? adopt a kitten get a calendar?? LOL

  4. I went to read the Maxi and Newt story, and cracked up when you wanted to get them fixed even though they belonged to someone, and Fred said “You can’t do that. She’s their cat, you can’t save the entire world of cats!” Like that isn’t what you’ve been doing in the years since.

    • I’d like to point out that Fred has changed his tune in the 9 years since – if a cat steps foot onto our property and eats at our feeding station, we’re going to have it vetted as soon as we can get our hands on it!

  5. Just because he was one of her kittens doesn’t mean he isn’t the father of her new set.. that is how Ollie happened.. his brother is also his father.

  6. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I received your card today in Windsor,Ontario,Canada. Thank you so much ,it made my day!