12-11-15 Friday

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I went to read the Maxi and Newt story, and cracked up when you wanted to get them fixed even though they belonged to someone, and Fred said “You can’t do that. She’s their cat, you can’t save the entire world of cats!” Like that isn’t what you’ve been doing in the years since.

I’ll also point out that Fred has changed his tune a LOT in the 9 years since that post – he’s like “Fix ’em alllllllll!” At this point, if a feline steps foot onto our property and eats at our feeding station, there’s a spay or neuter in his or her future!


I think that Adele will need to take her “baby” with her when she gets adopted.

Adele will definitely get to take her “baby” with her, I’ll make sure of it!


From Michelle: I have a question for you and your readers. So I am hoping to move out on my own within the next few months, and I have my own cat to take with me. I adopted him at a year old, and ever since he’s never been without another cat around (He’s about 2 1/2 now I believe. They didn’t have a birthdate for him). Granted, the other cats he’s been around have never been anything like friendly towards him, but still. My question is, should I try to find him a friend when we get our own place? He’s an indoor/outdoor kitty, but I’m thinking of making him permanently indoor when I get my own place. I’m just too afraid of losing him! He’s a pretty active kitty and is one HUGE love bug, when he feels like getting the love. I just worry about him being cooped up in a little apartment all day with nothing to entertain him.

GD said: A second kitty is a lovely idea. Just be sure you properly introduce them. Also, it may be easier if you get the new kitty at the same time you move. Your kitty will not have staked out territory and you can slowly introduce them. If you don’t know how do that let us know…we will walk you through it!

And Michelle said: I actually don’t have a very good idea how to introduce them. With the cat he lives with now, he is a mainly outdoor cat (he’s inside maybe an hour out of the day, unless it’s really cold out) so we just let them sniff each other through the screen when they dared to venture close to one another. With the previous cat he lived with, she was in the room I was going to designate as his when we got home, and I didn’t realize it until I heard the hissing five minutes after letting him free. So… so much for slowly introducing them there.

I’m sure that others will be happy to chime in here (y’all, please do!), but I’m going to just direct you to this page – it’s got everything I would have suggested. (Although I often just toss kittens in together in a move we refer to as “Meet yer new partner!”, I wouldn’t do that with adults or with one adult and one kitten.)


Dear Robyn, I report that the Christmas card from you has just reached me in Szczecin, Poland – it’s absolutely beautiful! Do you keep records on to how many (and which) countries you send Xmas cards?

I am always SO pleased when the cards make it to their destination, because of course I worry that they’ll get lost.

Some years I do keep track, and some years I don’t – I’m planning to keep track this year, and will share the statistics on (I’m hoping) Christmas day!


Have you gotten any updates on Skinny Pete, Badger and Combo?

They were spayed and neutered last week, and now are just awaiting room at Petsmart. I’m hoping to sneak down to Petsmart once they’re there and get some snuggles.


Have you seen this, yet?

What a great idea for those with indoor-only kitties. (Like mine.)

Yes, I did see that – thanks for reminding me, I meant to post it. What a great idea!


So, SOMEone has had the run of the house during the day for the past few days. That girl just does NOT like being alone, and I couldn’t convince Dennis to keep her company, so we opened the screen door at the bottom of the stairs.

It’s going pretty well, actually…

She would like to be friends with Alice.

But Alice is like “::FUME:: Look at her standing there in the middle of the room LIKE SHE OWNS THE PLACE.”


She is an excellent snooperviser.

She got flirty with Stefan.

And Stefan got flirty back.

But Stefan seems to think he’s a puppy and is under the impression that galumphing at other cats is a good way to play. Adele did not agree.

Stefan was just proud that he captured the box for his own self.

For the first few days, I was waiting until after snack time to let Adele into the downstairs. But yesterday morning she started howling to be let out of her room at 4:15 IN THE EARLY EARLY MORNING, so I told Fred to let her out. When I got up a couple of hours later, Adele noted that the permanent residents were gathered in the kitchen and acting very excited, so she was all “What goin’ on here?!” and joined the crowd. I gave her her own plate of snack, and she declared it good.

If I’m walking around the house doing chores and the like, she will follow me around and complain at me. I finally figured out that what she wants me to do is settle down and stop moving around so that she can in turn settle down in the nearest cat bed (occasionally my lap, but usually the cat bed on my desk) and go to sleep. I guess if I’m up moving around, she feels like she has to perform her job as house snooperviser!

Last night we let her stay out of the foster room all night because… Well, it was occupied.

Meet Pink.

Pink is a 6 month-old girl kitten who was rescued by Selena, who y’all know as Mom to Flynn (formerly Kohle) and Hook (formerly Puff). Pink was running around the parking lot of a church dodging cars. She was likely a dropoff because there are no nearby houses she could belong to – but she’s a very sweet and friendly girl, so she’s clearly been around people. Lucky for her, she was spotted and rescued by Selena.

(She’s named after the singer Pink, because when I tried to think of current powerhouse female singers, she’s the one I immediately thought of.)

She looks a little rough in these pictures because she’d just been spayed, but trust me: she is SO PURTY. I expect at some point that she and Adele will be friends, but Adele got a little too inquisitive, and Pink took offense.

All Pink wanted to do was sleep, so we left her to it.


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  1. Re: Alice and Adele. You know how girls act when someone else shows up wearing the same outfit!

    Pink is pretty!

  2. Love me some Adele.

    Hello, Pink! Welcome. You will feel better soon!

    Michelle, follow the directions in the link that Robyn provided. And what I like to add to that is, take two washcloths, wipe each kitty down with a dry cloth and put that cloth in the opposite kitty’s room. It will let them investigate the scent “safely”. Keep the scent fresh on the cloths by re-wiping daily. Then put kitty A in kitty B’s room and put kitty B in kitty A’s room. Keep swapping. Then let kitty A meet kitty under the closed door. Slide them both treats because good things always happen when that OTHER kitty is around. Let kitty A investigate the house by her/himself. Then let kitty B do the same. You will be mooshing scents everywhere. At their pace, crack the door just a bit while holding it and let them sniff noses. Hissing is fine…don’t worry, they will work it out. Swatting is not fine. Give treats. When they can sniff and no negative reaction is given, open the door a tad wider, but to where the kitty in the room still can’t get out. See how that goes. When that stage goes well, let both kitties have free reign of the house. There may be some squabbling but that is normal. You just don’t want a cat fight…I am not worried about a swat and a hiss…I am talking about a fight. Use a broom or water if that happens and put them both back in their own rooms…and start over. I have never had a fight and I have introduced 4 cats to each other one at a time. (15 yr old, 6 yr old, 5 yr old and 2 yr old).

    Best of luck…ask anything any time.

  3. To the washcloth idea – I’d like to add, you can wipe each cat down with the scent of the other, to make them smell familiar to each other. This is a trick we do to avoid the hissfest that happens whenever one cat has been to the vet – before letting the victim out at home I get a wet wipe from the bathroom and wipe as many cats with it as I can reach, and wipe the returnee, and it seems to reduce the nissing.

    AND I am getting the feeling I see Adele being a permanent resident. Is it just me??

  4. Stephan in the box: the smug is strong with that one.

    Alice Mo, the Princess of ::FUME::stantinople, and true heir to the duchy of ::GLARE::nstein.

  5. Welcome, Pink! You’re going to like it here!

    Alice and Adele belong together! (Dare I mention that I’m hoping Adele might become a Permanent Resident? Please? Pretty please???)

  6. Aww, maybe Adele thinks she’s related to Alice since they have similar features.

    I love that Adele nags you for nap time. That’s awfully cute.

    Stefan kills me. He’s such a lunk (but so sweet) and I am always amused by his interactions with the other cats. He’s socially awkward and sometimes inappropriate… I can kinda relate to that!

    Pink is a lucky little girl. Big hugs to Selena for scooping her up!

  7. I can report that today the xmas card made it to Finland. It might have arrived a day earlier if I’d actually managed to give you my current zip code and not the one for our previous house…

  8. Thank heavens for Selena! I think shaved bellies on kitties are adorable.

    Btw, I could do with a Flookdate. That kitty convict was pretty funny, love the Oatmeal.

    • I was just thinking yesterday I need to get a Flookdate together for Robyn to share! It’s almost been 3 years since I adopted Flynn!!

      • Wow!!! Time flies. I looked at one of mine and was shocked when I realized he was SIX!!! When did that happen? And my 2 yr old Chick Fil A special suddenly became FIFTEEN!!!

  9. Oh, a new foster!! and the Glare of Alice, and the Smug of Stefan–it’s all so FUN!!
    Thanks, Robyn!

    • I’m trying to be cautious about that. Remember what Fred said after they had all those horrible losses earlier this summer? That every time they take in another one they know what will eventually happen? Whether Adele stays with them or goes on to another home, she will be blessed for having been at Crooked Acres.

      • Very true. This was such a bad year for them, Robyn &Fred will know when it’s time for another permanent resident.

        I look at the prior years and I still can’t believe that we won’t see so many sweet faces anymore.

  10. Adele! So gorgeous. Alice gives my Stinkerbellie a run for the crown of ::FUME::stantinople and ::GLARE::nstein (love those, Kalleris!) — but Stinkerbellie definitely reigns over ::HISSANDRUN::lahoma! And superb card! It made its way to Oklahoma (aka ::HISSANDRUN::lahoma) just fine — thank you!

  11. Adele and Stinkerbelle are like sisters who are the exact opposites of each other! One is short-haired, the other long-haired. One is grumpy, the other friendly. In the one picture, they almost looked like twins!

  12. I meant to tell you sooner and forgot. You card arrived safe and sound. Loved it. Thanks so much.

  13. A card with (I believe) the inestimable Stinkerbelle has found its way to the Bluegrass State. A wonderful pick-me-up to a very busy week.

    My little calico Winky (RIP) was an Xmas present 16 years ago, and I really miss her, particularly at this time of the year. She could be a brat, but calicos embrace their brattiness.

    And I’m a sucker for ginger cats like Pink. (I lost my two ginger boys, and Winky, all within six weeks of each other due to various illnesses just a couple of years ago, so this sad summer at Crooked Acres hit far too close to home.)

    My best to you all (and my cats’ general “meh, whatever” as well).

  14. Oh Alice, it’s not like she’s wearing the same outfi…oh wait. She is. What a gorgeous pair those two are! Why aren’t the boys falling over themselves to get a snuggle in?? Boys…

    Hi Pink! You are just a tiny little muffin next to your big foster sister, and just as cute.

  15. I LOVE the kitty convict idea! I’m going to have to get some. Glad they’re breakaway style too–one of our cats (she’s not the brightest bulb) tries to get her collars off and ends up working them into her mouth. Then they get stuck (breakaway or not, but at least with breakaway she’s more likely to get herself out of the predicament I’m about to describe). I’ve come home from work at least twice to find her with her collar stuck in her mouth. Of course, this means her mouth is stuck open and she’s drooling, so I always think she’s broken her jaw or something horrible. Nope. Just dumb as a box o’ rocks, walking around with her collar in her mouth.

  16. We got our card up here in Washington state yesterday, despite all the rain and a tornado five miles up the road! Love the kitty convict idea and am giving serious thought to getting eight for our eight. Pink! She’s a rare ginger girl and as a family who has three ginger girl princesses, we can assure you someone is going to get a very special kitty with her!

  17. If I would DARE to add a cat to our family, it would for sure be Adele!! I like her name!, I like her size and color, and I love her manner. I feel for sure she would get along with Molly!!! Molly would LOVE her!!!

  18. I know this sounds bad, but we don’t spay or neuter our farm cats. Between the busy highway we live on and the coyote population in the area, we can’t keep up with the attrition rate. And we need the cats to keep the rodent population under control. Our cat population is so low right now, I applied at an organization that traps feral cats & relocates them to rural areas after fixing them & giving them shots. & they turned us down because of the highway. So some people need cats to keep multiplying. I would never fix a cat that showed up because other farms in the area are in the same boat.