12-14-15 Monday

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Look who it is!

I bet you recognize that face, don’t you? That, of course, is Stompers (whose official name was “Cicero”, which we never called him), who was one of the Taters back in 2012. Kristyn and her family spotted him and fell in love, and came from Atlanta to adopt him.

Kristyn says:

I caught him grooming my son’s head this morning. It was adorable! And it made me realize it had been a minute since I sent you an update on his sweet, goofy self.

He is very much my baby, but he takes every opportunity to snuggle with his big brothers. Especially if they have a particular white, fuzzy blanket that is his “momma blanket”. He nurses on that thing any chance he gets!

He remains spoiled rotten and brings us so much love and joy!

Thank you so much for the update, Kristyn – I sure do love seeing how happy and spoiled that boy is!


In Friday’s comments – where so many of you declared that Adele is going to be the next permanent resident (she’s not) made me realize something: you guys have NO IDEA how close we were to adopting a foster this year. We were THISCLOSE to adopting this particular kitten, and I’m still not sure how we resisted long enough for the kitten to be adopted by someone else.

I’ll tell you this: it was a foster from this year. Other than that, no details: I don’t want to make it easy for you, after all. Now it’s your turn: see if you can guess who it was, and in Friday’s post I’ll let you know if you were right!


Adele likes to stalk the permanent residents. Archie does not appreciate this behavior.

“She’s sniffing my tail again, isn’t she?”

“Why do you keep STARING at me?!”

Adele’s all “::sighhhhh:: He sure is pretty!”

Friday night, Adele and Pink spent the night together in the foster room. Every time I peeked in via the webcam, Pink was sound asleep in one of the cat beds, and Adele was floomping around the room in a state of high dudgeon. At some point, Adele finally settled in and went to sleep, but when Fred got up Saturday morning, she was instantly at the door howling to be let out. As of last night, she was still hissing at Pink, but I also spotted them playing near each other (and Adele was stopping to watch Pink play pretty often), so I imagine it won’t be long before she gives up the histrionics.

Checking out the Petsafe Cheese toy (that link is just for reference – you can find it cheaper elsewhere, I have no doubt).

I wouldn’t call this toy a favorite – cats are usually only interested for a few minutes, but this got these two close together for a little while with no hissing.

I also use this toy to distract kittens when I need to make a break for the door.

This picture doesn’t really show the size difference all that well. I weighed them both yesterday – Adele weighs 6 pounds, 6 ounces, and Pink is just a smidge under 4 pounds.

Adele, snoopervising. I was signing holiday cards, and she was criticizing my handwriting.

Snoopervising is tiring, y’all.

Archie, checking out Pink. Neither of them was particularly impressed by the other.


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12-14-15 Monday — 45 Comments

  1. My guess is Belushi… I know I have a soft spot for the ones who are returned and have to go back to Petsmart, so I’m guessing you guys do too…. Also he is a very handsome Tabby boy which I know you have a weakness for (Ahem… Corbie & Dennis)

  2. I have no idea how we manage to not adopt them ALL – including STOMPERS1 He’s still a cutie!

  3. I am not sure about the foster kitten. They were all great. My first thought was Ambercup but Badger was my favorite.

    Question for you and others: I am looking around for a hacky sack type of small fabric ball for my kitty. She has worn out the ones she has. They MUST be fabric and not filled with beads or anything in order to be kitty-safe. I have not found any. I’ve checked Amazon and several dollar stores in the area (they are actually kid’s toys she stole from my son). So if anyone knows anywhere I can obtain some or even would anyone be willing to make me some?

  4. So good to see “Stompers”….turned out to be quite large! Seems SO happy and contented. Thanks for update.

    Not sure on which kitty you wanted to keep, will have to think about that a while.

    • He is a BIG boy! As of last checkup he is ever so slightly too big so he’s on a diet that includes being led on laps around the house by my sons. I contend that he had too much personality to fit into a smaller cat.

      • You know you hit the jackpot! We were all very happy he got adopted and we all were very sad that we weren’t the ones who were able to. Please NEVER stop sending us updates/pics. He has a forever fan club!!!

      • I told Fred last night “Those boys are so lucky that they get to grow up with Stompers… and he’s so lucky that he gets to grow up with them!” 🙂

  5. ………maybe you can give us a little help??? 😉
    For example, was it a boy or a girl, the foster that you were SO close to adopting?

  6. Stompers! Still judging us, 2015!!!
    Adoption candidate? Honestly, I have no clue but I’ll guess Phelps. 🙂

  7. I have to go with Belushi too. Seems like the most likely candidate.

    BTW, if anyone can spare a few dollars this holiday season, please consider a donation to Sheets Cat Adoption. This is a Vet in Greensboro, NC who runs a cat shelter right out of the clinic. My personal involvement with them is they were able to take back and re-home Molly, my Mom and Dad’s tripod tuxedo. It was very sad they had to give her up, but they were unable to take care of her after they had to move into assisted living last year. https://www.gofundme.com/zwdt79v8

    • Ow, I can only imagine how your folks felt but I’m so glad to hear that they worked with Molly to find her a new home.

  8. Stompers!!! I would recognize that smug face no matter what size he was!!

    And I’m thinking Miss Mary was the foster? She was such a beauty with that prissy, spitty personality to boot!

  9. Rickles. Or Louis. But if it was me it might have been Roseanne or Paul (he looks a little like my old boy B). Or Carlin (so cute). Or any of them.

  10. No idea which of the many contenders you were this close to adopting, Robyn, but I do know that Archie is adorable. Ditto for ravishing Adele and perfect Pink! Many thanks, too, for sharing Kristyn’s delightful update.

  11. I’ve guessing Rickles because, well, jazz hands…and so much more! If not, certainly one of the kits in that litter (including Carlin) – such characters all!

    Stompers is still judging! Thanks for the update – it’s so wonderful to see him all grown up!

  12. I guess Zuke. Loved that guy. Way back when, you said you were not adopting Dennis, so never say never to Adele!

  13. Given Adele’s sweet, loving, cuddling nature, and the fact that she prefers the company of humans, do you think she might make a good emotional support animal? She seems like she’d be just perfect for it. I’ve been seeeeeeeriously tempted to figure out a way to get myself down to y’all and get her and me back to California for that reason. I’m really looking into a support animal for college. Unfortunately, I have two cats at my permanent house who I don’t think would take kindly to a third. What are your thoughts?