About the Cheez Doodles

Gilbert, Grant and Marshall came to us on May 22, 2014. Grant and Marshall are brothers (date of birth: 3/22/14), and Gilbert is a week younger (date of birth: 4/1/14) and was in need of siblings to keep him on the straight and narrow. So we put ’em all together! They don’t know they’re not blood brothers, so don’t tell them – they act like they’ve always known each other and spend all their time either snuggling up for a nap, or wrestling and making each other squeal.

They’re all wild little things, prone to run around like their tails are on fire, and run toward the door every time it opens, in hope of escaping the terrible toy and cat bed-strewn prison where they’re currently kept. They’re friendly and sweet, and Grant especially likes to cuddle.

Blaster and Mooch (named after characters from the animated movie G-Force) came to us from the Challenger’s House shelter on June 4th. They were found and turned into the shelter a few weeks previously. In order to free up a little room at the shelter, they came here to wait out the time until they could have their last vaccinations, and room was available at Petsmart. They’re pretty much the same age as the other three (date of birth: 3/25/14), and after a few days of hissiness, they get along like they’ve always been together. Blaster and Mooch are both sweet cuddlebugs who play hard and sleep hard.

You can read about the Cheez Doodles beginning here (there are links at the top and bottom of each entry; click on the one on the right to take you to the next one). You can see the pictures taken of them during their stay with us here at Flickr.

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