1-17-20 Friday

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So Natalia was a pet at some point, since she has been spayed and tattooed? I guess it wasn’t a traceable tattoo and no chip. Thank goodness she was found, and hopefully she has a new family coming soon.


When I hear stories like Natalia’s I always worry if there actually is a good, heart-broken, family who had something awful happen (careless workmen in the house leaving a door open, careless cat-sitter, etc.) and is truly missing that sweet kitty. Is there a “lost pet” FB page or something like that down there?

The tattoo that the spay/neuter clinic does is just a green line that confirms that the cat has been spayed/neutered, in case there’s any question. I haven’t seen the tattoo on Natalia (because she doesn’t stop squirming around), but I assume it’s similar. She wasn’t chipped, and I’ve been watching the Lost & Found FB pages (and scrolled back through the beginning of October) and haven’t seen any missing cats who look like her. She’s very clearly been someone’s pet in the past, I wish she could tell us her story. (This is why I highly recommend microchipping your kitties!)


“You gonna pet me or what, lady?” Oh that Gabrielle, so demanding.

“Trying to sleep here, lady.” Josephine’s not foolin’ around.

Sleepy girls.

Josephine watching me from the kitchen. She disapproves of me being outside (and also, that dirty window.)

Gabrielle watching me from the back door.

Sweet Gabrielle in the sun.

Josephine, watchin’ birds.


Natalia cracks. Me. UP. She always gives me that face when I stop petting her to take her picture.

Snuggly girl.

“Rub da belly, lady.”

As long as you’re comfy!


Archie would like me to go away now, please and thank you.


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