1-17-18 Wednesday

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(Pictures from Crooked Acres.)

In the pink bed on Fred’s desk.


Out glaring in her field.

Places to GO, things to DO, and grumpy about it.


She spent a LOT of time at the base of that tree.

I continue to be amazed at how well Maxi is dealing with this whole moving thing. She’ll occasionally wander out to the screened porch, but for the most part, she spends most of her time sacked out on the couch (on the heated blanket), near Alice. She did try hanging out on the self-heating bed in my room for a few days, but apparently it was lacking, and so back to the couch she went. In the evening, when we watch TV, she climbs into Fred’s lap and ignores Khal, who’s usually there first. She’s like a whole new cat! She must be mellowing out in her old age (she’s about 14 – she’s the only cat I don’t have at least a month/year estimated date of birth for, just a year.)


Speaking of Maxi… I actually have a video of her PLAYING with Frankie. Okay, they’d probably deny that they were playing together, but note that he DOES bat the toy to her, and she bats it back!

YouTube link


“Tryin’ to sleep here, lady.”


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1-17-18 Wednesday — 14 Comments

    • Especially after she looked at him and said “That’s not close enough” and he batted it right to her! 😀

  1. It gives me great big warm fuzzies that Maxi is enjoying her time indoors and even interacting with others.

    Frankie is way too cute in his respectful engagement of Maxi for playtime! <3

  2. I bought one of the self heating beds you recommended! My boys love it! I’m going to have to get another. Thank you!

  3. Who’s the hunka-hunka burnin’ love in the last picture?! Me-OW!

    Maxi has cheeks you just want to smooch, she’s such a doll.

  4. The video is adorable…unbelievable, but adorable. 🙂

    I think Miss Maxi might be losing her Tony Soprano dead eye look.

  5. How cute is Frankie! He pushes the toy at Maxi then looks at her like, “Okay now its your turn, ma’am.” He really is a sweetheart.

  6. Now that is just absolutely adorable, you can see Frankie consider it all, he looks at the ball, looks at her and bats it directly and softly to her. My heart is a pile of mush from melting…I’m so glad you got it on camera and shared it with us! And I adore Maxi’s little face and am so happy that she’s doing well inside!!