1-16-18 Tuesday

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Khal. (Pictures from Crooked Acres.)

Hanging on the side stoop with Maxi.

And over by the feeding station.

Inside, allowing me to pet him. BUT HE AIN’T LIKIN’ IT.

“Just TOLERATING this, weird lady.”

“Don’t get TOO handsy, lady.”

Isn’t he just so GENEROUS?


Alice Mo, talkin’.

And rolling around on the table in the sun. Doesn’t she have THE prettiest eyes?

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1-16-18 Tuesday — 6 Comments

  1. Alice is just gorgeous, green eyes and all. How she doesn’t have the male members of your pride swooning over her and catering to her every whim is beyond me.

    Some of the pictures of the handsome Mr. Man seem to show that he may have a bit of Maine Coon in him? Do you think he is a great big ol’ Maine Coon teddy bear, or is it just his uh, reaction (flooffing himself up a bit) to you petting him? Brat. The other cats seem to be pretty cool with him being around; Maxi for one does not seem the least bit bothered by his suave and debonair good looks (really, Maxi?!) so close to her on the back steps.

  2. Khal is just so gorgeous. Aside from color, his furs look so much like my tortie girl’s that it’s kind of funny – she has the mane and all! Such a handsome floofy fellow!