1-15-18 Monday

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Look who it is!

That’s practically-all-growed-up Phoenix on the left, and big sister Amber (formerly Ambercup) on the right. How gorgeous are those little posers? I just love seeing them hang out together like BFFs.

(Thanks, Debra!)


Remember how, before Christmas, I started sharing pictures of the permanent residents that I hadn’t shared before, all taken at Crooked Acres and filed away in my “to be shared” folder? What with losing Joe Bob and the holiday, I got sidetracked.

So I’m picking up where I left off, with Kara.

So hard to get a picture of this one, she’s always running over to me so she can squeak at me.

Hanging out by the chicken coop. Did I ever mention that Kara was not only the Sheriff in charge of telling the humans How It Is, but also the head rat killer at the chicken coop? That girl is QUITE the hunter.

Suspicious Sheriff.

Dust bathing.

She means BUSINESS.

Reallllly tired of my nonsense.

“Just can’t even look at you, weird lady. Just. So. Tired. Of. YOU.”


Video! I bet y’all never suspected that Sheriff Mama is a playful kinda gal. She is, when the spirit moves her (or someone tosses a toy for her.) There are two parts to the video – the same little bit of action (I tossed a toy, Kara went after it) from two different angles.

YouTube link


Archie in the Archie Cave, pleased with himself.


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1-15-18 Monday — 12 Comments

  1. First of all, I just love Kara….especially how it looks like she has a straight line across her two eyebrows.

    She is adorable playing! I do think, however, you need a big area rug in that living room for gripsies! 🙂

  2. Yay, Phoenix & Amber(cup)!!! Kara really has that cute, round kitten face – and her ‘spinouts’ are the best – she’s like Steve McQueen – she means business!!! Archie… such a chill dude – I still think he has amazing coloring for a male – swoon!

  3. I didn’t know I needed it until now, but I definitely need to watch a video of Kara squeaking.

  4. LOL… omg I nearly spat my mouthful of coffee when I saw the Sheriff slippy-slidin’ all over the place to catch that perp! I was not expecting that even though you prefaced the video as you did. That was so adorable and I can only imagine how spirited her take-downs were out in the wilds at Crooked Acres! <3

    PS – I agree with GD that a "gripsies" rug is needed, lol!

  5. Look at those girls! I agree, it is so nice to see them all happy and BFF’s to boot.

    I love Kara’s oh-so-serious but cute widdle face! Although she must be a force to be reckoned with when she stomps over so determinedly to whoever she’s pulled over/carded…

    (The sun shining in the front room must be a magnet for the Permies.)

  6. Kara slippin’ and slidin’ and finally catchin’ that toy is a prescription for Monday blahs!

    Thanks Debra for that picture of an almost-grown Phoenix and a beautiful Amber! Lovely!

  7. Kara reminds me of my youngest Vecenzia. So serious looking. She came to my late sister last June at 12 oz. She is all grown up at 2.5 lbs but she has an old lady face. And yells at me all the time!