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I don’t know what I’ve done to displease Her Highness, but she’s telling me all about it!

John Smith, on the bottom of the cat tree, with the Crazy Eyes.

Here comes that DARNED red dot again to drive Toto NUTS.

Tricki goes after it…

“How YOU doin’?”

Tricki is killing me dead, with her eyes on the red dot, her paws on the scratcher as leverage, and her feet off the ground.

And Toto’s all “OUT MAH WAY!”

“Ah, red dot, we meet again. You shall not escape me this time!”

“Come. Back. HERE!”

And he’s off again!

“I’ve had enough of this nonsense. Y’all stop it, now.”

Tricki sure would like to know where the heck that dot went.

There are a couple of cages available at Petsmart, so I’ll be taking Toto and Bunnie up there, probably Friday morning. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they were adopted immediately? Fingers crossed!


That box is just a biiiit too small for all the cats in this house, which makes it the number one favorite cat hangout, of course. Joe Bob, sitting in his box, givin’ me the Eyes of Lurve.


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1-15-14 — 16 Comments

    • Oddly, I JUST took pictures of all the posters and pictures hanging on the foster room walls, so I’m saving the answer for Friday! 🙂

  1. I have a question. I brought my 8yr old cat in for a check up and of course she is developing tartar on her teeth. The vet sells a product called Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene. It is a odorless solution that you put in their drinking water. It is suppose to health with the tartar and fresher breath.
    Anyone ever try? It is $20.00 a bottle.

    • I looked it up on Amazon and it got good reviews. The only warning was to not buy it from OxyFresh directly as they will send you a smaller bottle than what you paid for. It was recommended to buy it from a pet store or such. Everyone loved the product…just not the distributor.

    • I’ve never tried it (or heard about it, actually), but I’ll post the question in Friday’s entry. The fact that it’s got good reviews on Amazon (thanks, GD!) is usually a pretty good sign, since people never hesitate to say when they’ve gotten a product that doesn’t work, on Amazon!

  2. I don’t think Joe Bob is so much sitting *in* the box as sitting around the box. LOL He looks like I think I look sitting on a bar stool.

  3. Aww I hate to see Toto and Bunnie go back so quickly, but I think I understand the selections…Tricki needs time to come out of her shell a little more, and John Smith needs some more work outs at the “health club”! 🙂

  4. Jobey Joe, I love you so! Am hoping for some wonderful news re Livia and her last two being adopted today. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?! Meanwhile, today’s pictures and text are a tonic — thanks as always, Robyn.