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Thanks to reader Roxanne, I discovered that Love & Hisses is now totally famous, we were mentioned in First for Women magazine!

In case you can’t read that, it says: It never fails: Your kitty kicks litter all over the floor while digging around in her box. To minimize the mess, create a high-sided litter box like this one, which was inspired by the folks at Love-and-Hisses.com. To make: Find a plastic “party bucket” that your cat fits into comfortably, then use a box cutter to cut out a square hole that starts just beneath the rim and ends 8 to 10 inches from the bottom of the bucket. Line with newspaper or a plastic bag, if desired. The tub will keep the litter contained and it costs about a third of what you’d pay for a high-side litter box at the pet store.

We’re takin’ over the world, one litter box at a time!


John Smith’s waitin’ for the feather teaser to come his way (and Bunnie in the background, all “THIS idiot.”)

“GOT IT!” (But really, she wasn’t even close.)

“Come closer, feather teaserrrrrr.”

I love how Bunnie’s all poised to jump.

“Um, you guys, I’m trying to put nose prints all over the mirrors and you’re being very loud and distracting me.”

“Shall we DANCE, feather teaser?”

John Smith’s face cracks me UP.

Bunnie overreaches.


Bunnie’s had just about enough of the feather teaser’s shenanigans. Silly girl.


Nothing makes Sheriff Mama happier than rolling around in the dirt.

Happy, happy girl.


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1-14-14 — 24 Comments

  1. I’d be totally okay with you taking over the world. 😀

    The thing that made me laugh out loud in today’s post (there is always something in every post) was Tricki’s “Um, you guys, I’m trying to put nose prints all over the mirrors and you’re being very loud and distracting me.”

    And I will concur… Bunnie is VERY pretty. Her stripey-ness and colours are stupendous! Also, her face is adorbs.

  2. You so famous. I hope you remember all of us when you move to ELL AAAA to Famous.
    Seriously, congrats on the magazine notice. A really good idea gets shared and there will be tons of people that try it and love it.
    I just marvel at Bunnie’s coat. I have never seen a cat that looks like her. so pretty.
    If you show your belly and roll in the dirt, can you really keep the reputation of tough girl, Sheriff Mama?

    • And she’s so sweet! I’m honestly shocked that none of these four were adopted and ended up sitting at Petsmart for so long!

  3. I know you call Kara “Sheriff Mama”. I think you call Maxi “Outside Mama”, or maybe did at one point. Didn’t you make one of those little videos for her like you did Alice Mo?

    Bunnie’s got some very tiger-esque markings on her! Such a pretty girl.

  4. I know you have it in you Robyn to take over the world !!!! It would be a much better world and we can all be your “minions” and help take care of all the kitties !!!

    I am amazed !! Bunnie gets prettier every day !!! She could easily be a super-cat model !!!

  5. I look at those pics of John Smith, Bunnie, Toto and Trici and wonder how anyone could resist them?

    Kudos on being so well known Robyn, tell Fred to take a bow.

    • Yeah…especially since there is a 1/27/14 date on the magazine page pictured! Either that or we are having a “Back to the Future” moment! (Hee hee, kittens driving DeLoreans…) 🙂

      But I hope it sends some more kitteh-loving people to the website and helps adoptions!

    • It’s possible that whoever wrote that ran across the link on Pinterest, too – I get the occasional referral from there!

  6. Yes! Take over now! Love and Hisses shall rule…

    And I love Bunny’s expression in that last photo of hers… I can just hear her sayin’: “dang blasted thang… there’s got to be a way”

  7. omg. this is totally proof that ‘first for women’ is written by fabulous cat ladies. AWESOME!