1-18-18 Thursday

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We have a familiar face to kick off today’s post!

Alton said: Spoiler alert: last Sunday’s episode of Star Trek featured mirror universe Khaleesi.

Oops – hope we didn’t spoil that for anyone!

(Thanks, Alton – you know we love seeing that silly girl!)



(Pictures from Crooked Acres.)

Newt, pleased with himself.

Taking over the recliner.

“What. Do you WANT. LADY?”

“Is snackin’ time?!” Nothing puts a pep in his step like the idea it might be time for a snack.


Video! I actually made a clip of this off the kitten room Dropcam back when it happened in October. Stefan was hanging out in the kitten room, and Telstar reached up to bat at his tail. Stefan batted back, which freaked out Telstar and Hubble, and Mercury RAN over to defend her babies. Stefan was left blinking, like “Wha-?”

YouTube link


Loony Jake, watchin’ squirrels.



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1-18-18 Thursday — 14 Comments

  1. I had to watch that video a couple of time! It just made me laugh. So many things to love. Some of the main points: Telstar was a trouble maker. Mercury was such a gooooood mama! Stephan was all, “I didn’t do anything!!!!”

  2. I laughed way harder at that video than I should have. And poor Hubble, just sitting there minding his own business when Mamma goes full on Lioness.

  3. I was just wondering about the mother of dragons, it’s been almost a year since she stayed with the grandparents rather than risk the cold of Canada. Apparently she’s gained laser vision in the interim.

    Thanks Alton.

    Mercury was such a helicopter mother.

  4. Love the picture in front of the Star Trek screen.

    I am a Star Trek fan, but I will not back down and get a subscription so I can watch 1 show only. Everything else they have, we can get on DirectTV. We have started watching the Orville, and we quite enjoy it. At first it was a bit corny, but it is shaping up quire nicely.

  5. Poor poor Stefan. But you go Mercury! That needs to be on the favorites list for sure.

    Thanks Alton for the Khaleesi update, always appreciated. Basically with those laser eyes she’s letting us all know she don’t need no stinking dragons to protect her, she’ll do just fine on her own thank you very much.

  6. It’s a Mama Throwback Thursday, with a dash of Newt for spice! 😉

    I’m surprised Mama Mercury let Stefan stay in the foster room in the first place. Did he sneak in looking for kitten food or was he a regular visitor at that point? I don’t remember Unca Stefan ever visiting any babies with a mama around.

    • Isn’t he just a big ol’ teddy bear? I just want to cuddle and kiss his orangey goodness, he’s such a sweetheart!

  7. Oh, that video of Mercury beating up on Stefan made me HOWL! He had no idea what hit him.

  8. “Nothing puts a pep in his step like the idea it might be time for a snack.”

    Exactly the same for me… 🙂