1-19-18 Friday

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By the way, Dewey made Cats, Beavers and Ducks!!!!

Indeed he did. The picture in question (also below) was originally shared on Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr. I LOVE Cats, Beavers and Ducks!


Who’s the hunka-hunka burnin’ love in the last picture?! Me-OW!

That’s Frankie!


Some of the pictures of the handsome Mr. Man seem to show that he may have a bit of Maine Coon in him? Do you think he is a great big ol’ Maine Coon teddy bear, or is it just his uh, reaction (floofing himself up a bit) to you petting him?

Khal may very well have some Maine Coon in him – I can’t say for sure, unless I have a DNA test done, and despite my desire to have test done on ALL the cats, just because I think it would be neat and interesting, it’s $95 per test and ha ha ha NO. I will say that Khal really IS that floofy, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in full Halloween-cat Stranger Danger Suit – probably because his response to danger is to run and hide, not stand his ground and don his suit.

Isn’t he GORGEOUS?


I’m guessing Kara got along with the chickens and they with her?

Kara ignored the chickens unless they got alarmed and flappy about something, in which case she’d run for cover. The chickens also ignored Kara unless she ran at them (on her way to grab a rat or mouse), whereupon they’d get alarmed and flappy, and then she’d change course to avoid them.


… Khal in someone’s lap? Wow! 😀 Sooooomebody’s failing to be feral. Hmm. I’m now wondering about the elusive Khal’s likely equally elusive purr. For whatever reason, I’m imagining a very soft, gentle purr. <3

It’s a very deep, soft purr that isn’t easily captured on video (I’ve tried!)


So, as I was lying in bed trying to sleep last night, I was trying to name all of the Permanent Residents in my head. I was trying to lull my brain to sleep and “settle” my mind by doing something meditative. Didn’t work. I was still awake at 2am. I *think* I got them all.

If you were able to name them all, you probably did a better job than I usually do. If I name them in alphabetical order, I have the highest success rate, but I usually forget at least one of them, sometimes more.



(Pictures from Crooked Acres.)

Checkin’ out things near the garage.

Pink nose and toeses.

Snoozin’ on the side stoop.

Bath on the driveway.


It’s a rough, rough, rough, rough…

…rough, rough life.

In the bowl scratcher, in the kitten room. That’s gotta be an old picture, because we took those shelves down in early 2017. (I checked; it was taken in October 2016!)

On the Fancy Sofa.

More nose ‘n toes.

“MY box.”

“Is time for eatin’?”


Yesterday morning, Fred came downstairs to get his camera and take a picture. When he showed me what was going on in his office, I had to go up and get a picture of it myself.

Stefan on the left, Frankie on the right. Fred didn’t see it happen, but said that Stefan was in the bed first, so Frankie must have climbed in to join him. I have no idea what is going on around here, because Frankie has been NO fan of Stefan over this past year, and now this.


“I don’t always snuggle with catnip kickers, but when I do, I kick the bejeebers out of them afterward just to show ’em who’s boss.”


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1-19-18 Friday — 29 Comments

  1. Re: Khal’s heritage, my mom had a cat who could have been Khal’s identical twin brother. We decided he was mostly Norwegian Forest Cat. Funniest thing is, he had a litter brother who was orange. They were absolutely nothing alike.

  2. My thoughts are that Khal has some Ragdoll in him,my beloved long gone to the Rainbow Bridge Morgan the Red looked an awful lot like Khal does, the clincher was his scaredy catness and his curly belly especially towards the back legs. Does Khal have short and curlies?

  3. I think Frankie must have realized that, despite his dislike of Stefan, it was his responsibility to make sure that the orange bed was full of orange cats. Sometimes you have to put your preferences aside for the greater good.

  4. I have a cat I am absolutely sure has Maine Coon in him, not just because of floof and size, but because he’s built like a brick with short legs and has a tail that puts feather dusters to shame. Look at Khal’s build and the size of his feet, that’ll help. (Fizzgig’s feet are three of my fingers across. They’re not feet, they’re clodhoppers.)

    • Fizzgig, oh how I love that name for a fluffy cat. I’ve always said if I ever end up with one that’s the name for it. Male or female, doesn’t matter.

      • He came by his name honestly, that’s for sure. He’s bitey, too, and he got the name because he’s all hair and teeth. His sister is, of course, Kira.

  5. Well, whatever Drogo’s heritage, he’s 100% handsome. As is Archie; such a serious little face!

    My Mae had 0 interest in any other sentient being other than me, but just to mess with my head she’d from time to time allow one of her brothers to snuggle next to her.

  6. No matter what Khal is, he is absolutely gorgeous, and I am so glad he has become more sociable. We have a feral cat living in our sun room, and I wish I could give her some love, but she does not trust us – even after 3 years. With this cold, she has however decided to come into the house and hide in my bedroom.

  7. “Stefan on the left, Frankie on the right” Never underestimate the effect of cold weather on cat behavior. You know the phrase “There are no atheists in a foxhole”? Well, the cat version should be some variation on “All cats will cuddle if it’s cold enough.”

    I had a friend who despaired of her two cats ever getting along. It was traumatic. And summer. I predicted that when it got cold enough, she would see a day (Oh, glorious day!) when both cats would curl up with her on the bed for a nap. 6 months later, she sent me photographic evidence that it was indeed true!

  8. I noticed your dog tray in Stefan’s picture. I bought one to corral the canned food my two cats seem to get everywhere. I love it!

  9. Stefan, just doing his cat things, just cracks me up for some reason. I do not understand, but there it is.

  10. As for Frankie and Stephan: I have moved a lot in my life and I have discovered that moving house disrupts the cats’ pecking order. All of their set territories and levels of dominance go out the window and they start to form new ones. I have on many occasions had cats who would barely tolerate each other become friends and vice versa.

    • That was the same exact comment I was going to make. When they moved all the cats ended up being equal as far as territory goes. At Crooked Acres it was a territorial issue.

      Khal is just gorgeous. I had a floofy black boy, RIP Jazz, and Khal puts Jazz’s floof to shame!

  11. 🙂 So what do I win if I DO name all the residents from memory?
    I got these 10: Archie, Kara, Newt, Stefan, Frankie, Maxi, Khal, Jake, Dewbs, Alice. With honorable mention to Joe Bob and Dennis who recently passed. Btw, I did it by color mostly.

  12. Khal the flooftastic house panther maybe-Maine coon with the stealth purr… awwwwww. I want to pet you, but a) I’m in Wisconsin and b) you’d probably skidaddle if a random (fellow longhair, but a human one) lady started cooing at you in awed delight and trying to scritch your earses.

    Frankie the orange fuzzy doll… snuggle, snuggle, snuggle! Or I would, but again, darn distance. I’ll bet Mr. Frankie-Malachi Orangie Lovebug *is* one of the super loud purr machines in the place! 🙂

  13. Now it’s Khal’s turn to be on Cats, Beavers and Ducks (see 1/19).

    “Flooftastic House Panther” – Perfect!! 🙂