1-22-18 Monday

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Why I had to move the cat beds away from the bay window.

“What? Am just hanging out here on the bay window in my big pink bed, near the cat doors to the screened porch. Minding m’own business!”

“Is he still there?”

“OH I’M STILL HERE. And keeping an eye on you!”

“I’ll just hang out out here…”

Don’t feel TOO sorry for Stefan, I went out and brought him in, then moved Archie, bed and all.

Such a rough life.

Kara, hanging out on the screened porch. Those steps are something Fred made years ago, when Spot was getting old. They’re the perfect height to sit underneath one of the cat doors. I worried that someone might hang out on the top step, preventing other cats from going out or coming in, but that hasn’t really happened.

“LADY. Why are you out here?!”

“No, seriously. Why?”

Archie, checking out the screened porch from inside, and looking annoyed. As he does.


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1-22-18 Monday — 8 Comments

  1. LOL!!! … the age-old feud between Archie and Stefan continues… today’s entry is hilarious.

    And so is Sheriff Mama! Her facial expressions are so adorable!

  2. Let me guess. 2 hours later they’d brokered a peace deal and were napping on the end of a bed or couch just a foot or so away from each other?

    Hard to believe such a petite law-enforcement officer as Kara can keep the peace with so many rowdy boys and humans to keep an eye on.