1-23-18 Tuesday

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I appear to interrupted an important meeting.

Jake in the doll bed. He likes to sleep in this doll bed (in the living room), and watch squirrels in the other one (in the computer room.)

It doesn’t seem like the greatest idea to have a cat bed near all those wires, does it? Alice is offended at the implication that she’d ever mess with those wires. She’s a GOOD girl.

Bath time for Archie.

The Sheriff, on the screened porch, keeping an eye on the goings-on inside. She’s EVERYWHERE.

The guest bedroom bed, as I’ve mentioned, is very popular. Here we have Newt and Dewey.

And Khal and Newt, who is giving Dewey a dirty look.

Khal, Dewey, and Stefan. Obviously there’s a rule that there must always be one orange/buff cat on that bed at all times.

“Look at my foot, lady. LOOK at it. Isn’t it magnificent?”


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1-23-18 Tuesday — 20 Comments

  1. I agree GD, Khal is the Big Pussy or Bobby of that group. (L A R G E and not quite as in charge as he’d like to think!)

    It’s an Alice Loaf!

  2. Help me, people! Which post is it where one of the cats is *fuming* at another and commenting “look at him, thinks…” and then I go blank. I think it’s set outside. It’s one of my favorites and I had a hankering to see it again.

  3. eeeeee! Archie knows how much I love his footies! It truly is magnificent and he needs a kiss on that sweet face!

  4. Can someone please direct me to a picture of dear Corbie? I have been trying to to prove to a coworker that Robyn has some of the prettiest kitties in the world, and he was my favorite. May he RIP