1-15-20 Wednesday

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Someone asked last week how I can tell Josephine and Gabrielle apart since neither of them is wearing a collar these days.

Josephine (left) is smaller than Gabrielle. Gabrielle weighs 6 1/4 pounds, and Josephine weighs 5 1/2 pounds. I suspect Josephine is going to stay small (but honestly, what do I know?)

Gabrielle (right) has that line on her nose – she always has, and that’s why she’s never needed to wear a collar. Also, she’s darker than Josephine is. Josephine’s eyes are greener than Gabrielle’s.

Here are some side-by-side pics of them. Gabrielle’s on the left in each of the following pictures.

Snuggling. Gabrielle’s nose is lighter than Josephine’s. (Fred says “Brown Tabby Nose” is one of his favorite colors.)

I haven’t gotten a really good picture to show it, but trust me when I say that Josephine’s eyes are bigger and rounder than Gabrielle’s.

This is a pretty good example of the difference in their eye colors.

Sleepy girls.


Do you see it?

How about now? Say hello to Natalia, our new foster.

She’s a super sweet tortie girl, has a half-tail, is REALLY friendly, and has soft, silky fur.


I’m surprised I was able to get those pictures of her, because she comes right over for love and petting as soon as I walk into the room. She is a total lapcat.

Her story is that she showed up in someone’s neighborhood as a stray. She was thin when she first showed up, and then she started getting bigger, and between the coyotes in the area and the bad weather coming, they thought it’d be prudent to get her into rescue. She came to me Saturday evening.

I KNOW WHAT YOU WANNA KNOW AND I DON’T KNOW. They thought she might be pregnant, and at first I thought she seemed like she might be. And every day since then I’ve waffled back and forth, thinking “I don’t think so” and then “Well, mayyybe…”. If she is, it’s way too soon to tell – AND she had worms, so I’ve dewormed her and that could have been the cause of any belly firmness.

In any case, I’m dropping her off at the vet this morning, so I’ll let you know tomorrow!

(I don’t know how old she is, but she strikes me as fully grown but still young. Year and a half or so?)

We moved Natalia into the foster room, and Josephine and Gabrielle are spending their nights in the guest bedroom (and their days racing around the house). They’re okay with it, Natalia is spending most of her time chilling and sleeping (and getting love), and the permanent residents are all “THIS IS NOT A BREAK, MOTHER,” but mostly handling it okay.


BFFs Jake and Frankie, hanging out in the sun.


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