1-15-19 Tuesday

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Look at these sweet girls…

Stardust and Phoenix say hello.

It’s a good thing they’re practicing their snuggle techniques, because it’s supposed to get colllld around here next week. “Arctic,” I think James Spann said. I’d complain more, except that it’s been a pretty mild winter (so far.) Just, y’know, not enough SUN.

(Thanks, Debra!)


A few people have asked when we’re going to get more kittens. At Fred’s request we’re taking all of January as a break from fostering, so I imagine that around the beginning of February is a good guess!


Today we focus on Archie.

He loves hanging out here behind the sink, probably because it’s close enough to keep an eye on the dish towels.

I swear, my cats have got the PRETTIEST eyes.


Havin’ a think.

Ears of Annoyance.

It’s actually hard to tell what’s going on here at first glance – he was inside and I was taking his picture from outside (you can see my reflection, as well as the reflection of the potted lime tree behind me.)

We guesstimate that Archie’s about 6 years old. He first showed up in late 2014 as an adult (he was first mentioned here). At that time I was hoping to find him a home elsewhere, but by the time I got serious about doing so, Fred had gotten attached. It was our plan to have him as a (sheltered) outdoor cat, but one day he decided he wanted to be inside. After Fred spent the ENTIRE weekend trying to block him from coming into the back yard, it was clear that Archie would not be denied, and so he became an indoor/outdoor cat. (You can read his formal introduction here.)

He’s a cat with a short fuse, and though he’s happy to growl and hiss at the other cats, he’s never (that I’ve seen) taken a swipe at any of them. I’ve been able to pick him up while he’s in the middle of a full-blown hissy fit, and although every muscle in his body is tensed and he hisses and growls like a wild thing, he has never once scratched or bitten me.

I think that what I’m saying is that he’s all hiss and no scratch.


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1-15-19 Tuesday — 15 Comments

  1. I remember when Archie showed up and decided you’d better get used to his handsome mug cuz he was staying. I love him.

    (Remember that one photo you took of him stomping and huffing across the back yard at Crooked Acres, with the EPIC caption of “eff all y’all…” or along those lines?)

    Look at the little ladies Stardust and Phoenix!

    • Big issue there is the energy difference. Kittens will know they can’t dominate, so the real thing to do is make sure they keep each other busy and don’t pick on the older cat because they want to play. Otherwise, the usual slow approach (exchanging towels/linens with scents on them, brief visits, etc.) worked fine for me. How many kittens are we talking about here?

  2. Love the kitten updates. So snuggly!

    I remember thinking that Archie was going to be a bamf. So far he’s only decimated the dish towel population.

    I don’t know why but I agree w Robyn, he’s my spirit animal.

  3. Archie: Protecting Robyn and Fred from dish towels since 2015!

    And, unfortunately, I’ve got one who is “all scratch and no hiss” — she silently flails, all claws in motion, when I try to put her in a carrier!