1-16-19 Wednesday with Dewey

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Look at these sweet boys!

This is Reacher in his Kitty Cardboard box. He was one of our bottle babies from almost 9 (!) years ago, one of the Bookworms, brother to Corbie, Buster (Bolitar) and Rhyme. I had just about accepted the fact that Reacher was going to become a permanent resident, because he did NOT do well at Petsmart, when Kathy decided to adopt him. He was such a scaredy cat and took so long to adapt to his new home that Kathy and I were both sure he’d end up coming back to me. Finally, though, he settled in.


This is Reacher’s brother Gladstone, who was Mr. Stripey when he was our foster with his mother Brandywine and his 4 brothers, collectively known as the ‘Maters, back in 2012. (I had to go to their page to remember how many kittens were in that litter. I’m VERY surprised that there were only a total of 5, because they were so crazy rambunctious that it felt like there were twice that.) He was originally adopted with his brother Sungold, but they were returned a year later and stayed at Challenger’s House for about a year. Sungold passed away unexpectedly in the fall of 2014, and a few months later Kathy adopted Gladstone and took him home to be buddies with Reacher.

Don’t you love a happy ending?

(Thanks, Kathy!)


Today we focus on Dewey, which means that we’ve gone through all of the permanent residents!

Getting his ‘nip on.

Hanging out under Alice’s chair, probably looking for Alice.

Checking out the monkey grass.

That boy has some fabulous Ears of Annoyance.

Dewey and the Squeezy Eyes of Lurve.

Dewey has really only been with us for a little over two years. He came as a foster from Challenger’s House – he was such a scaredy cat that Susan asked if Fred would work with him. Fred was willing, Dewey (then named Dustin) came to us, and about a month later we knew he wasn’t going anywhere. He got along with the other cats (his Alice-chasing didn’t start for about another year), and he was still so timid that we couldn’t stand the idea of him in a cage.

These days he mostly gets along with the other cats, except when he chases Alice or gets too close to Kara, who will smack that boy upside the head without thinking twice. He and Jake are buddies, and the other cats tolerate him well. He hates it if I’m standing over him and reach down for him, but if I’m sitting on the floor, he’ll come right over to me to be petted. He goes through stages where he sleeps with me every night for weeks on end, and then suddenly he doesn’t. The weirdest – and most frustrating – thing about him is that he absolutely loathes having his picture taken. If I oh-so-subtly turn the camera or my phone in his general direction, he is GONE. He used to be okay with having his picture taken and there have been no bad experiences, it’s just like one day he decided to be a big ol’ pain in the butt about this one thing. Most of the pictures I take of him are either taken through the window, or taken when Fred is distracting him and he doesn’t realize I’m taking his picture. I’m actually amazed that I had pictures of him to share today!

I suppose it could be worse, right? (Grrrr, Dewey!)


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1-16-19 Wednesday with Dewey — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you for the Kathy & Co. update – I’ve been a little worried for her after her Reacher blog seemed to be overcome by life events. So, Dewey and Jake are pals? Maybe Jake taught him about cameras. *Whirrrr* “Hear that? Time to get a move on!”

  2. So wonderful to see Reacher and Gladstone (Mr. Stripey) in their forever home! Thank you, Kathy, for your patience and devotion to them, and for sending these views of the boys. And those are some my-t-fine pictures of Dewey, Robyn!

  3. Love seeing the updates, thank youKathy!

    Dewey, the mystery cat. Can’t believe that the catnip plants alive after all this time and abuse,

  4. I have a cat who hates pictures as well! If Figaro knows I am trying to take his picture, he WILL NOT LOOK AT THE CAMERA. Which I guess is better than running away…

  5. Look at Reacher and Gladstone! I too love these happy endings. 🙂

    Aw, Dewey! I remember well when he came to live with you. And really, who isn’t friends with Jake? Except for the girls…

  6. Thank YOU Robyn and Challengers House for taking good care of sooooo many kitties until they find homes! Reacher is still a scaredy freak, so Gladstine gets much more companionship from our dog, Bailey. Somehow it all works out.