1-23-20 Thursday

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If you’re not following the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville Auction page on Facebook, you’re missing out! We’re having a mini auction in a few weeks, another bracelet auction, and a few other very cool things planned before the big auction in May. Go follow it, you don’t wanna miss a thing.


A few sights from around Shady Cove*.

*After 2+ years here, I’ve got to admit that I’m not feeling the name Shady Cove. I probably should have just gone with Crooked Acres… or Crooked Acres South, though we’re actually east of the old Crooked Acres, so Crooked Acres East. Crooked Cove? How about Moggie Cove? (“Moggie” being a British term for a mixed-breed cat. As I understand it, it’s an affectionate term.)

Opinions, thoughts, suggestions?

Anyway, on to the pictures!

I love this shot. I think I just caught that Yellow Finch in a blink, but it sure looks like he’s sitting there snoozing, doesn’t it?

Earl the Skwerl’s nemesis. Let’s be obvious and call him Chippy. He’s always squeaking angrily at Earl. Earl gets it from all sides. Poor Earl.

Dogwood in bloom. This is not a recent picture, it’s from 2018, I think. We’ve got two dogwoods – both pink – and I LOVE them. This one is right outside the computer room window.

I spotted this Oriole a few months after we moved in here, and haven’t seen one since (yes, I’ve put out grape jelly and nectar, and nada.)

WARNING: the next 4 pictures include bugs. If creepy-crawlies aren’t your thing, you might want to scroll on down to the next section. Or click here to skip it.





We’re giving you space.

So you don’t have to see

the creepies

and the crawlies.

Little bit more.


I think Hummingbird Moths are the COOLEST. I’ve only seen one before, and this one was all about the blooms on the Meyer Lemon tree (this is another picture that isn’t recent – I got it last summer).

This isn’t the best picture – my camera was acting up – but you can see that what we’ve got here is a praying mantis. If you look closely, you’ll see she’s missing her front right leg. I looked out the window one day, and it looked to all the world like she was caught in a spider web. I went racing out to save her, pulled her off of the web with a stick, and she gave me this look. (It occurs to me just now that you might have thought I was going to tell you a story about how I accidentally ripped her leg off. NOPE. Wasn’t me – she showed up that way.)

As soon as I backed away, she went right back over to the web and stole this partially-wrapped moth out of the web and ate it. I guess I need to mind my own business. (I also think praying mantises are THE COOLEST.)

I took this picture through the window and I LOVE it. Isn’t it cool? Don’t you feel sorry for the people who avoided the creepy-crawly section of this post? We don’t see nearly as many orb weavers here as we did at Crooked Acres. I hope the current owners are treating Dolores right.

Okay, that’s it for the creepy crawlies.















that we were talking about them.

Oh, hi! Hi, guys! We looked at some cool stuff, sorry you missed it.


Did someone request pictures of Newt, or did I imagine that? Well, in any case, here’s some Newtles just for y’all.

Surveying his kingdom.

“Admire my foot, innernets. ADMIRE IT.”

Lookin’ rumpled in the sun.


Note: I realized last night that when I was doing the “previously” links for yesterday’s post, I apparently thought it was the 23rd instead of the 22nd. I’ve fixed them, so if today’s “previously” links all look familiar, that’s why. Sorry!

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