1-27-20 Monday

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13 years after I saw the post on Not Martha about how to make marble magnets, I made a marble magnet!

Not bad for my first one, I suppose – though I need clearer marbles, and I also need to get better about spreading the glue (or using more, since it didn’t spread all the way to the edge.)

Maybe in another 13 years I’ll try again.


Random back yard pictures from back when it was sunny and warm and not cold and dreary. WOE.

Frankie and Khal, studiously not looking at me.

Archie looks like he’s ready to start something.

Frankie, Jake and Khal.

Jake is loonified, Newt is waiting for him to move, and Khal is just keeping an eye on things.

I think I’m ready for spring.


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