1-24-20 Friday

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Is Kristi still at PetSmart? Maybe she should go to your house to find a home fast!

Kristi IS still at PetSmart, and I think that’s the best place for her. Forgotten Felines of Huntsville is at two PetSmart locations – Jones Valley (about 10 minutes from me) and University Drive (about half an hour from me), and for some reason way more adoptions are done out of the University Drive location. For a while there, it seemed like they could barely get cat into the University PetSmart before they were getting adopted out. But anyway, Kristi will get far more eyes on her at University than she would at my house (where we are taking a short fostering break right now, anyway.)


You probably don’t have this on record but I was just curious if you have any idea how many times you were going to “take a break from fostering” and then that break either never happened (or it got interrupted) due to –surprise!– fosters.

I generally plan to take fostering breaks through the month of January, and I don’t think it’s ever actually happened, so… 14 times? Although we did take nearly a year off after we adopted Sugarbutt and Tommy, so make that 13 times, give or take.


The male to female ratio among your permie’s is a little lopsided. Have you considered making Natalia a permie on a trial basis?

Nope! You guys have no idea how many kittens were very nearly made permanent residents this past year, and in the end I think every one of them are better off in their new homes than they would have been here. As long as Archie and Alice are drawing breath (and they’re both relatively young, so I don’t think they’ll be going anywhere any time soon), I don’t feel comfortable adding more permanent residents.


Josephine and Gabrielle got a new cat tree!

I think they like it.

Snuggly girls.

(Thanks, Celeste!)


Fred took Archie to the vet for his yearly physical.

Archie didn’t seem to mind.

He cracks me up.

Archie is healthy, weighs a little less than 13.5 pounds (that boy is ALL muscle), and he did great right up until they tried to give him his shots. Archie DOES NOT like to be restrained in any way, and he is terrifying when you try to confine him. Every muscle in his body goes rigid, and he hisses and growls, and will escalate to screaming. We’ve learned that it’s all talk – Archie has never ever bitten or scratched me, and the only time he scratched Fred is when Fred walked up behind him to pet him and startled him – but it’s still intimidating. They did their best to do his shots, but in the end sent the shots home with Fred. (I distracted him with food, and Fred did the shots without Archie even realizing it.)


Jake in his house, keeping a loony eye on things.

Khal, Newt and Frankie check out this “sunshine” stuff.


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