1-6-20 Monday

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Back in 2016, we had a litter of kittens we called the Fakers, including these two.

Bert Macklin (left) and Art Vandelay.

Art (the white and gray kitten) is now Patches, and Bert is Periwinkle/Peri. They were adopted together, and shortly after they were adopted, they looked like this.

Annnnd this is what they look like now!

All growed up! Oh, those smug faces.

I love it when siblings get adopted together and stay BFFs. (I also love it when they’re adopted singly and make best friends with their new brother or sister. Truly, I just love everything about adopting kittens into great homes, is what I’m saying.)

(Thanks, Kristin!)


Our girl Kristi is now at Petsmart – as of Saturday – and while she’s got the Resting Kristi Face going on, everyone who’s met her agrees that she is the SWEETEST.

Did you immediately see the most notable thing about this picture? Kristi is NOT hiding in the litter box. She’s out, in her bed. She doesn’t even look nervous! This picture was taken soon after she arrived at Petsmart, so that she’s just sitting there is wonderful. She’s getting a lot of love and petting from the volunteers, and I can’t imagine it’ll be long before someone falls in love with that serious little face. Fingers crossed!


Archie’s watchin’ for birds and squirrels. (He has the prettiest eyes, doesn’t he?)

Oh, that Khal. Such a GORGEOUS boy!


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