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This is the moment during a yawn when you know the next thing you’re going to see….

Are the Crazy Eyes!

Sunshine after days and days of rain and gray, overcast days is VERY much appreciated in the foster room (and elsewhere!)

Lita melts and then can be stretched like taffy.


“Ohhh, toy box, I lurves you sooooo…”

“What’s that? You lurves me too?!”

Sweet Molly.

Molly ponders…


Molly has shed her feral ways, and now is pretty much the first one to my lap when I sit down. She would rather supervise my scooping of the litter boxes than eat her snack, and she follows me around as I walk around the room, her tail straight up in the air, purring and purring. She’ll still flinch if you reach for her too soon, and she’s not crazy about being flipped onto her back, and she is NOT HAVING being kissed, but considering where we started from and how long it took to get here, I’m not complaining. (Still gonna work on her, of course!)

Last night I was sitting with Lita in my lap, and Molly came over and actually burrowed into my lap, under Lita, and moved around so much that Lita got annoyed and stomped off. Then she sat there, looking very very pleased with herself.

There’s nothing about Lizzy that is the slightest bit feral – she’s a lap sitter, a snuggler, and will accept being kissed with no problem at all.

Lita, Stevie and Pat never really acted feral, were just a little skittish at first when we tossed them into a room of hissy kittens. They’re all snugglers, all like to be held and kissed. Lita, especially, will let you do whatever you want to her, she’s such a relaxed girl.

It’s a room full of love, is what it is!


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Quick little video of Molly, playing. You know, like a normal non-feral kitten. Is she gorgeous, or what?

YouTube link.


If Newt could set up camp in that corner of the kitchen counter for the entirety of the winter, he’d be a happy, happy boy. (And, yes. I pretty much make sure that corner is kept clear, so there’s room for him. Not a LOT of room for him, but he fits!)


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1-6-15 — 23 Comments

  1. Love seeing Molly come into her own!

    I’d appreciate anyone so inclined to send good thoughts to my Cagney today.
    I’ll be taking her to the vet soon to be helped to the Bridge.
    Cagney came into my life nearly 21 years ago, with her sister Lacey who we lost 5 years ago. She is a sweet tortie and white like Molly. Her spirit is still strong even though her little old lady body is failing her.
    I am heartbroken.

    • {{{{hugs}}}} It is the hardest thing we will ever do, but our babies love and trust us enough to know when it is time. Good journey sweet Cagney…Lacey is waiting to see you!

    • I’m so sorry, Webbthistle. Definitely sending good thoughts to Cagney and to you today; she’s so lucky to have had you all these years. <3

    • Sending you sooooo many hugs. You know you walk among so many that have been where you are today. We all understand. They all take a piece of our hearts with them. For 21 years you were blessed….I know how much she will be missed.

    • What a precious gift you are giving her, though, to know when it is her time and let her go peacefully and with love. There will be so many loving kitties to meet her at the Bridge. Hugs to you.

    • Good thoughts to you and Cagney, Webbthistle. I love that you named them Cagney & Lacey.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. What time we have with our cats is just never enough. *hugs*

    • I am so very sorry Webbthistle. You gave her a wonderful life and helped her move on. I am sure she is thanking you for everything from the bridge.

    • I’m sorry about Cagney. I hope that this is a peaceful time for you both. You know that you’re doing the right thing, even if it hurts you.

  2. Dear Webbthistle, I’m so sorry to read about Cagney — clearly a lovely soul. Positive wishes to you both.

  3. Oh Webbthistle I am so very sorry about Cagney. It is never easy to say goodbye to our fur babies. she will always be in your heart. Cagney can meet up with my kitties across the Rainbow bridge and they can play together.

  4. Must hurt to have a kitten who doesn’t like kisses..

    and I too send my condolences out to Webbthistle.. I’m so very sorry for your loss, but I hope you are able to take some solace at the impressive age that Cagney reached..

  5. Webbthistle – I send prayers and good thoughts for comfort during your time of loss.

    I’d also like to ask this wonderful community for prayers and good thoughts for my sweet office cat Fluffy who has gone missing. He never wanders but hasn’t been seen in Sunday morning. We have a large neighborhood by my office, so I hope maybe someone has seen him and will contact us soon. Thanks everyone. This blog bring so much joy to my day!

    • Will certainly send up prayers and will worry with you. Please keep us posted. I have taken a kitty under my wing. She is outdoor only (was TNR’d). I worry every day about her getting hit or such. Love that little girl. I know how you feel.

    • Thank you, Samantha, for your message.

      I too will be sending prayers that Fluffy returns home soon, perhaps with some stories to be told of his adventure. Please keep us posted!