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Former foster updates and pictures!

Artemis (formerly known as Lilybet).

Chloe says: I had to go to Florida for a week for work so I left Artemis with my mom. Luckily she takes a lot more pictures than I do, so the first 3 are from her.

In the second picture, one of my mom’s cats must have been in view – as you can see, Artemis is preparing for battle…. although it never comes. Just lots of hissing and growling. And in the third picture you can see what I call her “crazy face” – when she’s about to go all jungle-cat on some toy. She always makes me laugh, and she is great company to have around the house – I’m so grateful for you and Challenger’s House to have made this happen.

The last picture is her inside the box from chewy.com – since they encourage us to send them pictures of our pets in boxes, I did just that!

Thank you so much for the update, Chloe! I just love her sweet, nutty little face. I swear, some of Jake’s loons must have rubbed off on her while she was here.

Orlando and Pickles!

(Orlando was with us about this time last year. Pickles wasn’t my foster, but she was a Challenger’s House cat, so they were already kind of related when they became siblings!)

β€ŽMy beautiful tiger takes her kisses….

β€ŽAnd her play swats… they play SO much together!!!! hilarious to watch!

No curled-together cuddling but they are such play buddies and companions!! Always doing ‘drive-by’ rubs on each other too.

It’s a cat-dog sammich…. aren’t they sweet?!?

“I haz a new mouse!!!” (“and I’m kinda’ gaawwwgeous…”)

That long-tailed mouse Orlando’s posing with in the last picture is his FAVORITE toy. I always bought them in bulk and tried to send at least one home with every foster, and wouldn’t you know that they apparently stopped making them? You can’t find them anywhere! Grrrr.

Thanks for sharing pictures of that sweet boy and his siblings, Teresa. You know how worried I was that he and Angelo might never get adopted, so to see him so happy and relaxed is just the best thing ever.

(By the way, it’s been 4 months since Teresa adopted Orlando. Doesn’t he look like he’s been there forever? Sweet, lucky boy!)


Stevie really likes to roll around on the floor on her back.

And Molly continues to really love that dog-fur toy.

She is just. So. SMUG.

Stevie also likes to roll off the toy box.

She is such a little nut.

If you look closely, you’ll note that her right front paw is in the toy box, up to the shoulder. She’s not sure how that happened, but she’s not too worried about it, either.

Sweet miss Lita, keeping an eye on her sister.

Molly, checking to see if her toes need cleaning, or if she can put it off for another day.

Stevie caught someone’s tail and is apparently planning to make a meal of it.

Pat thinks her sister is CRAYZEE.


Bowl full o’ Lizzy.

Silly flirty girl.


Tommy, king of the boxes.


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  1. Also, I asked a while back but it’s been on my mind again, how are Jane and Nance doing? I miss their journals so much and I wonder what they’re up to.

  2. Oh my gosh, Lilybet/Artemis still has her loony face! SO glad she didn’t out grow it! She’s just too cute!
    Tommy looks like he’s going to whap anyone who comes for his nip box.. I’d be scared! unless that’s a look of Lurv, then I’d be all smooching him!

  3. Oh, that crazy face — it’s super to see Artemis again, and the kittens and Tommy are looking great! I hear its going to be unusually cold for you this week, Robyn, and I hope you and Fred and all your charges will keep as warm as possible.

    • I’m back to savor handsome, happy man-hunk Orlando, not to mention those very kooky kittens.

      • Glad I’m not the only one who thinks he’s so handsome!! He surely gets tired of me taking so many pictures of him, or staring at him, or giving him too many kisses as I call him ‘my handsome boy’… lol (But Pickles gets her share of ‘beautiful girl’ with kisses, so I spread the love.. as I’m sure ALL kitty pawwents do!!) πŸ™‚

        • I’m sure you do the “He’s the best boy ever/ She’s the best girl ever” thing — and of course your awesomely cute dog is the best dog ever!

  4. Awww, Lilybet! I adored her so much when she was at Crooked Acres. So happy to see she has not lost a smidgeon of her charm! And it is super Orlando is so comfy in his forever home!

  5. I so love updates!

    Lilybet’s got that “I’m contented but I’m still a WILD HUNTER” look to her. Too much.

    And Orlando and Pickle updates! How fun! Love that they get along with even the puppy.

    Orlando’s long tailed mouse is too much, he’s so proud of his kill!

  6. The pictures of Stevie and the box looks like she is trying some new chiropractic adjustments !!!!

    Love the updates !!!

    At least you aren’t as cold as it is here !!! It is -25 Celsius and a windchill of -33 Celsius which for you would be -13F and windchill of -27F !!!!! YIKES !!!!

    Keep warm !!