1-13-20 Monday

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Back in late 2012, we briefly fostered a kitty named Kohle, who needed a break from Petsmart. He looked like this.

In mid-2013, we fostered Khaleesi and her kittens, the Dragons, one of whom was Puff (who I always think of as “Little Big Head”), who looked like this.

Kohle was adopted and became Flynn, and about 9 months later Puff was adopted and became Hook (and Flynn’s little brother.) They became immediate BFFs, and here they are now!



Their doggy sister JJ.

Selena says: We have moved to a house in Fayetteville, TN. I’m so much closer to work and don’t miss the small apartment at all. The boys had the run of the house until we more or less inherited my husband’s parent’s Boston Terrier. We have introduced her and the cats but they aren’t commingling in the house yet. For now, Flynn and Hook have the bedroom/bath side and JJ gets the living room and kitchen side. It works. Hook really wants to play with JJ but Flynn is hissy. They are doing great in the new house. They LOVE seeing all the action out the windows. We have deer that visit the backyard almost daily. Our neighbor is a donkey and 2 neighbor cats roam the yard too. I’ve checked. They are both fixed and well cared for. I still sneak food out to them every now and then when they come up. One is gorgeous and I would have snatched her up if I knew the neighbors didn’t use her as a barn cat. Hook has a crush I think. He just stares at her through the window. Flynn couldn’t care less.

I love seeing those boys, all grown up and gorgeous – and still BFFs.

(Thanks, Selena!)


“Hi, lady.”

Hangin’ out in the sun – Gabrielle on the left, Josephine on the right.

Snuggly girls (Josephine left, Gabrielle right.)

Josephine shows off her Ears of Annoyance.


Newt, hanging out.

I put away the Target holiday houses (I want to see if they survive the heat of summer in the attic and remain intact and usable), but wanted Newt to have something to hang out in, so I set up this Tiki hut, which I got at Aldi on clearance the weekend after Christmas. I guess strictly speaking it’s meant to be a holiday hut, thus the lights, but it’s not over-the-top holidayish, so I thought it’d do. Newt approves, and I’ve seen Khal and the kittens in there, too.


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