1-20-20 Monday

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In case you missed it on social media Saturday…

Josephine and Gabrielle went home! They are now residents of Birmingham, Alabama, which is about 2 hours south of us.

I worried that they would be really freaked out and hide for several days, but by bed time Saturday, they were out and exploring the guest bedroom they’ll be occupying while they acclimate to their new home. This picture is from yesterday morning:

Look how relaxed! (Thanks, Celeste!)

So they’re settling in nicely, and they’re going to be spoiled rotten. (And they’re remaining Josephine and Gabrielle.)


Here are the rest of the pictures I took of the girls before they left us.

Sleepy Gabrielle.

Snuggly girls.

Gabrielle, having stolen Alice’s favorite bed, stretches smugly.

Watching Earl the sunflower-seed-stealin’-skwerl.

Sleepy Gabrielle.

Havin’ a think.

Josephine, checking out the view.

We’ve loved having those girls here with us, and also love seeing them go to a great home. (The permanent residents, especially Alice, do not miss them one tiny bit.)


“Why you all the way over there, lady? Why you stop pettin’ me?”

“This is more like it!”

Fred says Natalia is like the perfect mix of Miz Poo (the coloring and sweetness), Mister Boogers (the half tail and the faces she makes) and Tom Cullen (the air kneading.) She’s a charmer, for sure.


Frankie shows off his Resting Frankie Face.


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