1-3-20 Friday

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Do you track L&H Christmas cards? Received, sent, states, countries, year to year?

I used to, just because I thought it was interesting to see all the countries where cards went, but I haven’t in several years (2013 is probably the last time I did.) I’m not even sure how many cards I sent out this year. This holiday season seemed really fast and hectic, and I didn’t do nearly everything I wanted to do. (And SO MANY people have already taken down their lights and decorations, noooooo.)

Speaking of the cards, I realized yesterday that some of the cards I scanned weren’t showing up in the album on Flickr. I went back and made sure they’re all there – this is complete as of Tuesday; I’ll be going by the post office later today, so if any more cards are there, I’ll scan ’em in and get them added. See what I’ve received here at Flickr, or scroll through them below.

2019 Holiday Cards Received


I was looking for pictures of Gabrielle and Josephine together, and I saw this one – which I posted last week – and it made me laugh. Not because of Gabrielle’s “smile,” but because of Josephine face. She’s like “Seriously?”

The last few pictures I took of Gabrielle and Josephine the night Henri got adopted are below. Keeping my fingers crossed that this weekend is when their lucky family comes along!

Josephine reminds me so much of her mama here.

Gabrielle swiping at the feather teaser; Josephine giving off a skeptical vibe.

Gabrielle has a think.


I took this picture back in the spring, and was excited that I got 50% of the permanent resident population in one shot. Then I realized there are five in the picture, not four!

Newt, top left, in the catnip pot. Frankie in the middle left, looking at Jake, then Khal to the right, and Sheriff Mama* in the middle bottom. (Permanent residents not in the pic: Alice, Dewey, and Archie.)

*I’m not saying she was partaking of the catnip before I took this picture, but I’m not saying she wasn’t.


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