1-30-20 Thursday

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In case you missed this on the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville Auction Facebook page yesterday…

Why we do what we do on this Auction Page – and Why we GREATLY appreciate your continued support… Our Online Auction beginning this SATURDAY – 2/1 – is focused on FOSTER CARE!!! On average, throughout a given year, there are approximately 400 felines that are in our care…. When Forgotten Felines accepts cats and kittens, we do so for the entirety of the cats’ lives. In the majority of cases, those cats are Adopted out and live long and healthy lives in their Forever Homes. But sometimes due to health reasons or returns – or even because they don’t do well at Petsmart – they end up in long-term foster care. Along with the highly-adoptable cats & kittens, we are caring for elderly cats who still have so much love to give, ill cats who need love and attention right up to the end, and others who for differing reasons just haven’t found their forever home yet. This love and caring can take its toll on foster families – and so, we are throwing our first “Foster Online Auction” to benefit a subset of these wonderful folks! If it goes well – we will definitely consider this focus again in the future!! See you on SATURDAY!!!

The auction (it’s a mini auction, not nearly as big as the May and November auctions) starts Saturday at 9 am (Central Time) and lasts through next Saturday February 8th at 5 pm (Central Time). There is some really awesome handcrafted stuff, and you don’t want to miss it! Go like and follow the page here.


Khal has a smug.

Khal has a think.

Khal has a magnificence.


How’sabout a little more floofy black kitty to end this post?

Say hello to Isabella.

And pardon the terrible pictures – I just got her last night, and she’s not one to stop and pose. At least not YET.

She’s in rough shape, scabby and has a lot of missing fur (I think it’s possibly a flea allergy.)

She came from the same small-town animal control facility that Charles and Caroline came from last year. She was an owner turn-in, and is about 3 years old. She’s very sweet, she’s very friendly, she’s kind of nervous, and hopefully with time and good food and decent flea protection, her coat will fill in and be glossy and floofy.

Probably not ’til after the kittens are born, though.


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