1-30-20 Thursday

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In case you missed this on the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville Auction Facebook page yesterday…

Why we do what we do on this Auction Page – and Why we GREATLY appreciate your continued support… Our Online Auction beginning this SATURDAY – 2/1 – is focused on FOSTER CARE!!! On average, throughout a given year, there are approximately 400 felines that are in our care…. When Forgotten Felines accepts cats and kittens, we do so for the entirety of the cats’ lives. In the majority of cases, those cats are Adopted out and live long and healthy lives in their Forever Homes. But sometimes due to health reasons or returns – or even because they don’t do well at Petsmart – they end up in long-term foster care. Along with the highly-adoptable cats & kittens, we are caring for elderly cats who still have so much love to give, ill cats who need love and attention right up to the end, and others who for differing reasons just haven’t found their forever home yet. This love and caring can take its toll on foster families – and so, we are throwing our first “Foster Online Auction” to benefit a subset of these wonderful folks! If it goes well – we will definitely consider this focus again in the future!! See you on SATURDAY!!!

The auction (it’s a mini auction, not nearly as big as the May and November auctions) starts Saturday at 9 am (Central Time) and lasts through next Saturday February 8th at 5 pm (Central Time). There is some really awesome handcrafted stuff, and you don’t want to miss it! Go like and follow the page here.


Khal has a smug.

Khal has a think.

Khal has a magnificence.


How’sabout a little more floofy black kitty to end this post?

Say hello to Isabella.

And pardon the terrible pictures – I just got her last night, and she’s not one to stop and pose. At least not YET.

She’s in rough shape, scabby and has a lot of missing fur (I think it’s possibly a flea allergy.)

She came from the same small-town animal control facility that Charles and Caroline came from last year. She was an owner turn-in, and is about 3 years old. She’s very sweet, she’s very friendly, she’s kind of nervous, and hopefully with time and good food and decent flea protection, her coat will fill in and be glossy and floofy.

Probably not ’til after the kittens are born, though.


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1-30-20 Thursday — 33 Comments

  1. A new foster? Squee! That cheers me up from this somber day. It´s been exactly one year since one of our beloved discus fish died. Wait, she´s having kittens?! I can´t wait until I see them. I bet they are super cute.

  2. Welcome to the new addition! You’ll have her nice and plump and in super condition to be a momma.

    Freaked me out when you said she’s expecting. She’s such a skinny little thing. Are you sure there’s room in there? 😉

    Khal is lookin’ pretty hot. Nice warm-up for your little surprise.

  3. Didn’t get much of a break did you? It’s staying too warm and I bet kittens are not gonna stop because heat cycles aren’t……sigh……

    • We had a little more than a week! 🙂 As we were moving toward the end of January, I knew it wasn’t going to be a very long break.

  4. Khal has a magnificent. Sounds about right. *sends pets!*

    Speaking of fabulous house panthers of floof–eeeeee! Which is what I said aloud when I read the end paragraphs of this post. Welcome Isabella! <3 Sounds like somekitty needs to be well-loved and cared for, and that's exactly what she will be, seeing where she's landed! And, kittens? Eeee! Again! I'm picturing three or four Khal lookalike mini panthers in a few weeks. Or maybe a stealth tortie or two…

  5. Ohhhh that little sweetie, i love her little angry face, sweetheart cats with angry faces get my heart going especially hard!! And kitteeennsssss wheeee 😀 Glad she’s safe with you, and set to get lots of loving and reassurance and care.

  6. woo hoo!!!! I knew your embargo wouldn’t last much longer 🙂 Welcome, Isabella, you’re in excellent hands now, and you’ll be safe and warm and happy with your little furbabies-to-be.

  7. Oh, be still my heart. A post full of floofy black kitties, and one of ’em a momma-to-be! I’m sure that at Casa Love and Hisses she’ll fill out and be floofily gorgeous and gorgeously floofy in no time.

  8. Very nice reveal after the little hint in yesterday’s comments. In other thoughts … whee! kittens!

  9. Kittens, KITTENS, KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And precious little Isabella. Can’t wait until she gets a good dose of your lovin’ and gets all floofy and gorgeous.

  10. Welcome Miss Isabella. Don’t you worry any Miss Robyn will have you all cleaned up, healthy and your fur all nice and floofed up in no time. She will spoil you and your little sweeties to no end and you will be loved, admired and appreciated by a wide audience. ❤

  11. Kittens??? That break didn’t last long!

    She’s such a tiny little thing — good thing she found you!

  12. You had said something recently about fosters that you seriously considered keeping over the last year, if that would’ve been feasible. Totally get and respect you there. But I wondered, if conditions had been right, who were the biggest contenders for being kept?

  13. Potential kitten names – The Land of Make-Believe? Henrietta Pussycat, Daniel Striped Tiger, Lady Elaine Fairchild, King Friday, etc…

    • I love this! I add to the list Miss Cloud, who was, if I remember from watching the series as a teeny tiny Chanter, a guest character dancer who twirled a rainbow scarf and proceeded to awe everyone in the kingdom. She may have been deaf, if memory serves (I could be conflating her with Sesame Street’s Linda) so if any blue-eyed white kittoons turn up… I know, unlikely, but the name suggestion stands. As does Hazel, especially if there’s a surprise!colorful kitten in the litter, say, calico in amid a crowd of itty panthers and tuxies. The relevant quote is “I am the Hazel in this family,” if anyone remembers the play within a play about the short-necked giraffe.

  14. What the f?

    Trying not to judge her prior family, trying not to judge some who doesn’t fix their cat, let’s them get in bad shape and then dumps them.

    Bare skinned and pregnant

  15. Khal is so magnificent! And aww, Isabella, you’ve had a rough time, but you’re in the best place now. You’ll see.

  16. Wait, is that Caroline in the first row, third picture? Are all of these cats your former fosters?