1-24-20 Friday

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Is Kristi still at PetSmart? Maybe she should go to your house to find a home fast!

Kristi IS still at PetSmart, and I think that’s the best place for her. Forgotten Felines of Huntsville is at two PetSmart locations – Jones Valley (about 10 minutes from me) and University Drive (about half an hour from me), and for some reason way more adoptions are done out of the University Drive location. For a while there, it seemed like they could barely get cat into the University PetSmart before they were getting adopted out. But anyway, Kristi will get far more eyes on her at University than she would at my house (where we are taking a short fostering break right now, anyway.)


You probably don’t have this on record but I was just curious if you have any idea how many times you were going to “take a break from fostering” and then that break either never happened (or it got interrupted) due to –surprise!– fosters.

I generally plan to take fostering breaks through the month of January, and I don’t think it’s ever actually happened, so… 14 times? Although we did take nearly a year off after we adopted Sugarbutt and Tommy, so make that 13 times, give or take.


The male to female ratio among your permie’s is a little lopsided. Have you considered making Natalia a permie on a trial basis?

Nope! You guys have no idea how many kittens were very nearly made permanent residents this past year, and in the end I think every one of them are better off in their new homes than they would have been here. As long as Archie and Alice are drawing breath (and they’re both relatively young, so I don’t think they’ll be going anywhere any time soon), I don’t feel comfortable adding more permanent residents.


Josephine and Gabrielle got a new cat tree!

I think they like it.

Snuggly girls.

(Thanks, Celeste!)


Fred took Archie to the vet for his yearly physical.

Archie didn’t seem to mind.

He cracks me up.

Archie is healthy, weighs a little less than 13.5 pounds (that boy is ALL muscle), and he did great right up until they tried to give him his shots. Archie DOES NOT like to be restrained in any way, and he is terrifying when you try to confine him. Every muscle in his body goes rigid, and he hisses and growls, and will escalate to screaming. We’ve learned that it’s all talk – Archie has never ever bitten or scratched me, and the only time he scratched Fred is when Fred walked up behind him to pet him and startled him – but it’s still intimidating. They did their best to do his shots, but in the end sent the shots home with Fred. (I distracted him with food, and Fred did the shots without Archie even realizing it.)


Jake in his house, keeping a loony eye on things.

Khal, Newt and Frankie check out this “sunshine” stuff.


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  1. Robyn, I owe you an apology. You’re going to see several searches on your site yesterday/today for “harbl.” My dog is a chronic harbl air-er, and when my son asked where I’d heard the phrase, I said your blog, then tried to find references for him. Because spelling urban slang apparently isn’t my forte, it took several tries to get it right. So, I just wanted you to know that the individual conducting that search wasn’t a pervy creep, just the owner of a doggo completely lacking in modesty. 😉

    • That is hilarious! Usually when I see something like that in the searches, I know someone’s looking for a particular post, so you’re good. 😉

  2. I remember taking my darling Atticus to the vet once when he was a kitten, and he put up such a stink they ended up having to put this Hannibal Lecter type mask on his head. The vet asked me if he was feral or had “cur in him” (doesn’t that only apply to dogs?), and I remember being so.offended. Like asking if your kid (which he was, I mean c’mon…) liked flinging poo.

    …call my baby Atticus feral…dumbass vet…you’re feral…

    • Fred tried to warn the vet tech ahead of time that Archie doesn’t like being confined, and they didn’t quite understand HOW much Archie doesn’t like it (because he was purring and loved being petted and examined) until they tried it!

    • What kind of vet doesn’t know that even the mellowest cats can lose their @*%( at the vet?

  3. Wow! Your vet gives you the shots to give later? I asked my vet once if she could give me the shots to take home and it was no go. I see that some vet supply places actually sell vaccines. I’ve been tempted but really need to get out more. 😉

    Love seeing your boys in the ‘hood. Be glad you have sun; it’s a rare treat in central NY.

    • This is a new vet, so he was pretty reluctant to send the shots home with Fred until Archie started screaming, and then he allowed it. Our old vet knew us – and knows that we’ve done a million shots – so he was a little more willing.

  4. I had to take my two orange boys to the vet today, and my Clawdius (Clawd) was NOT cooperating, but he didn’t get as mad as Archie, thank god. However, I need recommendations for a better cat carrier. I have the standard small pet taxi from walmart and they are a pain. None of the cats will go though the little door, so I usually have to take the top off and then stuff the cat in the bottom of the carrier and try to put the top on while the cat struggles to get out. Often the cat wins. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don’t want to spend a fortune on a cat carrier, but there has to be a better way. I’m half thinking of getting a cat trap and just trapping the cat who needs to go to the vet. But my vet might wonder a bit about that. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hug the kitties for me. Especially Kara – I hope she’s doing well. I worry.

    • You want a top-load cat carrier, like this. Open the top, drop them in, close the top (a little more difficult if Clawd is the starfish type and spreads all his legs out, but still easier than trying to cram them through the front door). They’re $32 at Chewy, and Petsmart will match Chewy’s prices. (And to be clear – it doesn’t have to be THAT carrier, you might find top-load carriers cheaper elsewhere. (I hear a lot of good things about the Sleepypod carriers, but they are breathtakingly expensive, so I don’t have one.)

      Kara is hanging in there – she has good days and bad; today’s a very good day for her, not such a good day for the chipmunk she caught.

      • These carriers are the best! It makes it easier to get a reluctant cat out of the carrier once you arrive as well since you can push/pull from the top. I usually set my crate up on the end and have better luck popping the unsuspecting target in that way. I do have one that isn’t going in a carrier no matter what I do. So I have to put her carrier in the car, in the passenger seat with the open door turned towards the driver’s seat. Then pick her up and carry her kicking and screaming to the car, where I get in and she walks right into the crate and lays down.

        • That is brilliant. The kitties are fine with being picked up and carried about..as long at the evil carrier is not in attendance. I will try the car trick.

          And thanks Robyn on the recommendation. I want a top loader so I think I’ll order one!

          Glad Kara is hanging in there. I’m sure Earl the Sqwerl is happy that Chippy will no longer bother him….although I’m sure another Chippy will appear.

      • I have a Sleepy Pod and it is nice. (I won it from the cat blog Sweet Purrfections thankfully, cause it is expensive!!). It’s a circular carrier and the whole top zips on and off, so I lift the top halfway, stick a cat in, and zip it back. The vets and vet techs love it!

        Robyn, will the medium carrier you linked to carry your big boys? I can use an extra carrier as one of my old plastic ones has cracked and needs to be tossed. Tuxie is 13 lbs, so I need a carrier to fit him.

  5. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Archie sitting on the vet counter, and then it melted when I saw him tucked into the scale. I’m so glad he’s healthy and (sort of) behaves himself at the vet. I’ve loved that boy (and his white tippy toes and attitude) since he first showed up…even though he was so norty to my other love, Stefan. It’s amazing that you could give him his shots at home.

    I cannot, for the life of me, get my two girls to let me trim their claws without freaking the heck out and it’s becoming a real problem since they are starting to get stuck on everything… but they are even more problematic about it at the vet (who insists I sedate them before I come… uhhh… no, I don’t think so, lady) so I guess I should be grateful if/when I can at least trim one nail a day.


    • I honestly don’t know how I’d trim claws if I didn’t have Fred to hold the cats/kittens. And I’ve never even tried to trim Archie’s! 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing. Archie, you sure were looking mighty comfortable there. Jake, we love your pawsome little house. These are such wonderful photos. Have a fantastic upcoming weekend.