1-16-20 Thursday

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Look at these sweet little faces…

That’s Amber (formerly Ambercup) on the left, and Mercury’s Missions Phoenix in the back, and Stardust on the right.

Debra said: I sewed up an emergency heat reflecting Mylar sheet in an envelope of fuzzy fabric…

How smart is that? Don’t they look cozy and warm? Don’t you just wanna crawl into that cuddle puddle and a take a nap? (Thanks, Debra!)


In case you missed it on social media yesterday, not only is Natalia NOT pregnant, she’s actually already been spayed! No kittens for her.

“YOU PROMISED ME KITTENS, LADY.” (Actually that’s the face she gave me because I stopped petting her to take her picture.)

She’s such a cutie.

“Keep petting, lady.”

So she didn’t even need an ultrasound – they shaved her belly, spotted the incision and tattoo, and knew there’s no chance she’s pregnant. She’s gotten her rabies shot and dewormer, she’ll get her vaccination on Friday, and hopefully she’ll end up going home straight from here. Fingers crossed!


Josephine, exploring.

Gabrielle, chilling.

JoJo’s cheesecake pose.

Josephine in the sun.

Gabrielle’s all “If Unca Newt isn’t going to use the tiki hut, then it’s mine!”


Oh, that Alice Mo. She’s the PRETTIEST.

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1-16-20 Thursday — 12 Comments

  1. So Natalia was a pet at some point, since she has been spayed and tattooed? I guess it wasn’t a traceable tattoo and no chip. 🙁 Thank goodness she was found, and hopefully she has a new family coming soon. 🙂

    • The tattoo that the spay/neuter clinic does is just a green line that confirms that the cat has been spayed/neutered, in case there’s any question. I haven’t seen the tattoo on Natalia (because she doesn’t stop squirming around), but I assume it’s similar. She wasn’t chipped, and I’ve been watching the Lost & Found FB pages (and scrolled back through the beginning of October) and haven’t seen any missing cats who look like her.

  2. Natalia is such a stunningly beautiful, sweet tortie! So much so that I googled the distance between my city and yours before my tortie walked into the room and cast me the look that said “REALLY, lady? There is a law: only one tortie allowed here!” Sigh. I am sure Natalia will find her perfect home quickly. In the meanwhile, please pass along cuddles from me and all the tortie lovers out here!

  3. I like the idea with the emergency heat reflecting mylar sheet. It probably crinkles too which the kitties will love. I am going to try putting one in a duvet cover (easier for washing) and put it in my sun room setup. We do have a heater in there, but I always worry it might be to cold. They have a cat door into the house and can come in anytime they want, but I still worry.

    • “I’m not comfortable here, but after all, they went to all this trouble…” said no cat ever.

  4. When I hear stories like Natalia’s I always worry if there actually is a good, heart-broken, family who had something awful happen (careless workmen in the house leaving a door open, careless cat-sitter, etc.) and is truly missing that sweet kitty. Is there a “lost pet” FB page or something like that down there?

    • She wasn’t chipped, and I’ve been watching the Lost & Found FB pages (and scrolled back through the beginning of October) and haven’t seen any missing cats who look like her. She’s very clearly been someone’s pet in the past, I wish she could tell us her story.

  5. I love seeing updates on your fosters and would like to thank their humans who continue to share them with us. It always brings a smile!

    I will always have a huge soft spot in my heart for brown tabbies and have had brown (and one gray) tabby sisters in the past. Of that sister trio, one is still with me; she’s sixteen, and she rules the home and my heart. It makes me happy to know that Josephine and Gabrielle have a forever home together. I hope their new humans know as much love and joy with them as I have with mine and for many, many years.

    Natalia is absolutely gorgeous. <3 If only I wasn't in Pennsylvania and didn't already have a houseful… I hope her lucky humans find her soon!

    I have a mylar emergency blanket that I keep wanting to use to make something for the cats, despite having limited sewing skills. I really need to get to it!

    And finally, as always, thank you, Robyn. Your blog and being able to see all of the lovely cats and kittens have been a pleasure for me for many years now.

  6. By the way, I know it’s hard to capture but can we have a picture of newts slugdom? I bet he looks like an orange puddle about to overspill.