10-24-19 Thursday

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Luc ponders the eternal question: “How on EARTH am I this good looking?”

Onyx (Fred’s sister’s cat, who we are cat-sitting for a while while she and her husband are in France) came skulking through the room, and JoJo eyeballed her, but knew better than to approach.

Then Jake came along and was all “Hey guys, what’s going on in – oh…”

“See ya!”

Getting some attitude from Luc.

And Henri.

A tiny bit of attitude from Gabrielle.

Also Beauregard. Oh, those teenagers.

Fleur is sounding a bit better after almost a week on antibiotics for whatever this sneezy snuffly stuff she’s got going on is. The good news is that none of the other kittens have developed the sneezy snufflies, so that’s good.

Henri has such an expressive little face.

A girl in her tent.


“Fill the house with kittens, willya? FINE. Then I’ll just rip this cat tree on the screened porch TO SHREDS.” Whatever floats your boat, Alice Mo.

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