10-24-16 Monday

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So much skepticism in one tiny kitten. (Iva)


Charleston’s on alert.

Iva keeps an eye on me.

“What doon, lady?”

Why do kittens so love to balance on my slippers? It’s cute, but get uncomfortable after a few moments! (Not that I make them get down, you understand.)

Look at that pouty little face! (Charleston)


When Uncle Stefan came a-visitin’.

(I was walking into the room to hang out with the kittens, when Stefan shot through the door. He knows that kittens in the foster room = kitten food, so he’s been DYING to get in there. I let him stay for a few moments, just to see what would happen.)

Iva came right on over and got up in his space.

She was all ::sniff::sniff::SNIFF::, and Stefan thought “How much do I really want this kitten food?”

They sniffed noses.

Stefan eyed the bowl of food, and Iva gave him A Look.

He went for the bowl of food, and Iva hisspered “THAT IS NOT YOUR FOOD, MISTER” in his ear.

Then came Raleigh, and a sniff of Stefan’s tail brought out the floof suit right quick.

Along came Charleston, and when Stefan realized he was surrounded, he decided that the kitten food could wait for another day.


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10-24-16 Monday — 20 Comments

  1. I have a question….anyone got tips for keeping litter from migrating all over the house? I have only hardwood and tile. I do have mats under and in front of the litter boxes. I sweep DAILY!!!

    • I keep an under-the-bed size plastic storage box next to the litter box. my 2 cats are diggers and flingers so it helps keep down the mess. the open bin just gets dumped out back into the litter box.
      though one kitty always tries to leap over the bin.

    • I have chenille rugs under the litter boxes that do a really good job of containing the litter (and they’re washable!) I don’t know that there’s anything that’ll take away the need for a quick sweep every morning (at least in my house), though!

  2. Ok… Has anyone checked out http://www.Jet.com? I just bought a 5 lb bag of Wellness Core kitten food and a 40 lb bag of Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat litter for a grand total of $33.43 tax, title out the door. I got a better deal there than I would over at Chewy. I was shocked. Free shipping level is lower, also. I love Chewy, don’t get me wrong…but each item was cheaper and they have discounts right now and a coupon code TRIPLE15 to get an additional 15% off your first THREE orders.

    The cost of the 5 lb bag is just a bit over the cost of a 2 lb bag at PetSmart. The 5 lb bag isn’t even available at PetSmart ( in store).

    • I have a friend who just loves Jet.com and is ordering pet and household stuff! And she’s very frugal, so it has to be good deals.

      Iva’s hisspering cracked me up!!

  3. That ‘Iva keeping an eye on me’ pic, I’m distracted by the silhouette behind her. It’s the Cat-Signal!

    • I had to go back and look. You are right. It is the Cat-Signal. That is how all the kitties know to come to Crooked Acres.

  4. Hasn’t anyone told that kitten not to poke the bear??
    Unca Stefan didn’t want to stay and make friends? Too little yet maybe, for him to try to be buddies? Does he take after Fred in that, liking the older kittens better? hee hee

      • Love hisspered and will try to use it in a sentence everyday. My vocab is so much broader since I started ready L&H. Problem is sometimes I forget that not everyone reads L&H, why I cannot fathom. So sometimes I get a funny look. Like when I use floof suit. I just tell them about your site and that there is a secret club that readers can join. We have our own language.

    • Stefan is always mostly interested in the food in the kitten room more than the kittens – but when the little ones get all up in his space, they make him nervous. He knows he can’t slam the little ones to the floor and bite their necks, or he’ll get yelled at! 🙂

  5. because feet are awesome, and if you stand on it, it is yours. Ever notice how kittens like to stand on their food too?