10-25-16 (Feather) Teaser Tuesday

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Just a note – there WILL be Love & Hisses calendars this year, I’ve just been a terrible slacker. I usually try to get them done and ready to be ordered from CafePress by November 1st, but barring a miracle, that won’t happen this year. I’m aiming to have them ready to go by November 15th at the very latest.

Is anyone interested in another Memorial calendar? I did one last year that y’all seemed to like – I’m willing to do another one, if there’s any interest, just say the word.


(Feather) Teaser Tuesday!

I adore this picture. Those little stubby back legs, that face of concentration, the waving front paws. Is it any wonder I had to put the camera down and pick Iva up and squeeze her?

Got it!

He grabs! He misses! Ooh, better luck next time, Charleston.

Eyes on the prize. (Chesnee left, Charleston right.)

Sitting up ain’t for the faint of heart, Iva. You better pace yourself!

Along comes Charlotte.

Keeping an eye on it…

Claws at the ready.

Got it!

But it got away. It always does.

Apparently Iva and Charleston like to team up.

Got it! Such a fierce little face.


Video! Crazy times in the foster room. That Charlotte is just a NUT.

YouTube link


“Huh. There’s a feather teaser up there. If it comes this way, I might smack at it.”

“Or I might not.” ::loonysmile::


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10-25-16 (Feather) Teaser Tuesday — 23 Comments

  1. Love that last photo of Jake, looks like he’s waiting for someone to hand him a glass of champagne! Calendar-worthy!

  2. I love my memorial calendar. It is one that will definitely be saved for years to come. I would order another one if you do one. I thought a fun idea would be if you could do one with side by side pics of former fosters showing them as kittens and then all grown up and adopted. Maybe with a tiny outline or picture of some kind of the state they live in now. I would love that.

  3. The video made me snort my coffee. Kittens are insane. And they all seem to do the same moves. I love the immediate floof suit on Charlotte. So funny.

  4. If I could, I would choose ALL of those little tigers!! They are the most beautiful tiger kittens I’ve seen!! I can imagine having them all in one house at the same time!!

  5. Outside of the collars, how can you tell who is who from across the room? I’ve been staring at their photos, trying to distinguish the differences, and this is the most identical set of Tabbies I have seen, ever.

    Charlotte is certainly the instigator of this bunch!

    • I’ll eventually (if I can get the right pictures) do a post about how to tell them apart, but I can tell you that it helps a lot that both of the boys have dark tufts at the ends of their ears, and the girls don’t. A lot of the time I know who the kitten is because I remember from taking the picture. Sometimes, I just have to make my best guess!

      When I got them, Charleston had a dark spot under his eye. It’s gone away (it must have been a scratch), but it certainly was handy for a while!

    • I was distracted by those ridiculous feet. It looks like she doesn’t HAVE back legs, she’s just got the feet attached right to her body. Like a Mr. Potato Head. Only Miss Kitten Head.

  6. I like the memorial calendar (as you know) but I’m happy for any of them. I can tell you they are a big hit at work where I have mine from last year. I always get happy comments on them. 🙂