I don’t know what it is, but both Sugarbutt and Tom Cullen are absent-minded lickers. If they climb into one of the cat beds and you give them a belly rub, they’ll purr and rub their faces on your hand, and then lick whatever’s closest, whether it’s your hand or the cat bed, they don’t care. Last night they were playing, and Sugarbutt ran across the room to attack one of Fred’s slippers, and when the attack had been completed, Sugarbutt looked up at Fred, and licked his slipper.

They’re so cute I just want to squeeze them ’til their guts shoot out their mouths, I really do.

The quintessential Crazy Eyes.

Snuggly brudders.


“Hi, lady! Whatcha doin’?”

They love hanging out here when it’s sunny.

Tom Cullen in the sun.

Sugarbutt in the sun.


“Adopt a stupid kitten and keep another one around FOR A REALLY LONG TIME, will you? Well, lady. You want some snuggles, you go see those stinky little brats. I’m sold out of snuggles. NO MORE SNUGGLES from me!”

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