10-26-16 Wednesday

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Sleepy little muffin. (Iva)

Oh, how they love to lay in the Croc bed and reach through to slap at each other and grab at toys. Occasionally they sleep in it, but more often it’s a toy.

“Mine.” (Raleigh)

Charleston’s having Deep Thoughts.

Charlotte loves to stand up on her back feet when she’s playing. I can’t believe I haven’t gotten more pictures of her doing that!

Man on the move. (Raleigh)

Isn’t she just a GORGEOUS girl?

Wahhh! Raleigh’s da BAYYYYbee!

Lap full! I love that they climb into my lap on their own now. Not so fond of it when they start wrestling and there are flailing claws everywhere, but I’ll take when I can get.

Charleston is fangin’ it.


I got the space heater out, now that it’s getting cold(ish) at night, and of course the first thing Chesnee did was climb onto it and see what kind of havoc she could wreak.

I have been coveting Connie’s Happy Bear for… well, ever since she got it, I think. Occasionally I’d look around online and see if I could find my own Happy Bear, but didn’t really have any luck.

So, no Happy Bear for the Crooked Acres fosters. However…

Say hello…

To Lambie Pie! Or Happy Lamb. I don’t know, I haven’t decided on a name yet.

Selena – mom to Flynn and Hook – formerly Kohle and Puff – bought it at a rummage sale, thinking her boys might like to hang out on it. They weren’t interested (ain’t it always the way?) and so she offered it to me. When I got home, I took it right up to the foster room, and the kittens clearly think it’s a toy. I haven’t seen them sleeping on it YET, but I’m sure that’ll happen in time.


Alice looks like she’s ready for a long winter’s nap.

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10-26-16 Wednesday — 13 Comments

  1. Aw, I love the smooch picture. These little pumpkins seem to be quite the little explorers! Maybe it’s the pictures you’ve posted up to now, but wow are these little guys all over the place! Lol.

  2. I love the golden color on the ears in the full lap from above shot. I am looking at colors like that for my hallway. Do you think you could send one of the kitties to me so I can take him/her to the paint store and have them match it? We joked about that the other night with the counter top guys and they figured Sherwin Williams could match a tabby cat color. Hee.
    Charlotte’s beautiful coat makes my hands twitch wanting to pet her.

  3. OMG, Happy Lamb is awesome!! Can’t wait to see the shenanigans that happen on Lambie Pie!

  4. Happy Lamb! So cute! If I remember the right place, I think Connie took a stitch to the back of Happy Bear’s neck to make it stay upright better, no? Happy Lamb seems to be looking down, or is that pulled down by the weight of several kittens? lol Love it!
    Also love that the kittens stick their paws out of the crock! so THAT’s what the holes are for!!

  5. Whenever you mention former fosters, I want to demand proof of life. Maybe a new Halloween pic? Or where do Selena’s boys hang out?

    • I’m on Instagram. It’s selenakay11. If you don’t have Instagram I will try my best to get Robyn a Flookdate as soon as I get back from vacation in two weeks!