10-26-15 Monday

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On Saturday, this happened:

This leaves Ambercup as the last Squash Bug at Petsmart. I’m amazed that she hasn’t been adopted yet – she’s such a sweet girl. I wish her people would hurry it up!

None of the Swimmers got adopted either, which didn’t surprise (though did disappoint) me. Kathie sent me pictures of the Swimmers.

Spitz & Phelps.

Louganis and Torres.

So much stress. Poor babies!


Do y’all remember River? She was here for three weeks this summer for a break from the cage at Petsmart. I only took a few pictures of her because I was gone (to Pennsylvania and Maine) for most of her stay here.

She was adopted in September, and she’s doing great! Her name is now Carly, and she has a (gorgeous) sister named Kandye.

I absolutely love seeing her so happy!


Louganis – from 2 weeks to 3 months old.

One of the first pics I took of him, and one of the last.

Love that boy!


Joe Bob, givin’ me a little attitude.


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10-26-15 Monday — 12 Comments

  1. YAY Zuke!! YAY River!!! I am so happy for them! River looks like she can Kandye get along wonderfully. Both are such pretty girls!

  2. Zuke is so adorable. I truly hope that this is a happy ending for both he and River.

    Alice would only have worn that frog outfit for her daddy.

  3. Yay to Zuke and River! Such adorable pics of Louganis also. Could you put that tongue pic in the collage onto the favorites page please? It just cracks me up!