10-23-15 Friday

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Love all the action shots today, especially Maxi & Archie. So funny! It make me wonder… How does our favourite Sheriff Mama feel about our sweet Archikins?

Kara mostly ignores him – though at snack time I have witnessed her butting heads with him (in a friendly way), so maybe he could charm her with a box of crunchies and a toy or two!


Speaking of worries about black cat adoptions, when I was fostering some black cats I asked the adoption counselor whom I was working with whether they had trouble getting them adopted. She smiled and said, “This is New York City. Everyone wears black, so we don’t have trouble getting black cats adopted–it’s the ones that are mostly or all white that people don’t want.”

And it seems to be true. But with one brown tabby-and-white, one orange tabby-and-white, and one all-black cat, I can’t win when it comes to cat hair on my clothing.

Apparently we should ship our black cats to NYC and they can ship their white cats here! Maybe if Huntsville becomes a more cosmopolitan area, more people will wear black and be willing to adopt black cats!

Obviously what you need to do is buy a lot of calico yarn and start making your own clothes. Pretty much all the colors are covered there. (I cannot knit or crochet, but if anything would make me learn how, it’s that yarn!)


How is Creed doing? I hope someone fosters or better yet adopts him soon. I feel so bad he has been at the shelter so long. Wish I did not live so far.

He is doing well. He’s at the shelter, in the big cat room where he’s got plenty of places to play and hang out. I wish he’d get adopted, too – but he’s at least got room to run and play, so he’s not suffering.


I have a question that has nothing to do with this post. I think you mentioned once that you have a heating pad in one of your cat houses. I have an older cat that I would like one for. But, obviously want one that safe for cats and safe to leave on when I’m not home. Thanks for any information you have.

We use the small K&H heating pads in Maxi’s house and in the container Archie used last winter on the front porch as well as in various places in the house. It does a good job, and it’s safe to leave on. In fact, we had one in the front room that we left there until the middle of the summer. Now it’s getting coldish again, and I think I need to put it back!


I’m here to report a Crooked Acres dream. I was there to help feed the chickens, which involved filling a bucket from one of several bins of seeds lined up in a shed, then tossing the seed into the designated area of grass (each about 8′ square, marked off with low stakes and ropes). I got upset with myself because, in the next to last area, I tossed some of the seed onto the adjacent square. And in the shed, Fred had painted “walk this way miss Robyn” on the floor, one word at a time in a vertical line, and I couldn’t figure out why he spelled it “miss” instead of “miz”. Then I got to ride in the back seat of a large white SUV while you drove with a friend somewhere. You started discussing someone’s 4 year old child who was signing up for a marathon, and that’s about all I remember. I’m very disappointed that I didn’t see a single animal in the whole dream.

Also, you’re a bad influence – yesterday my cat came up to me and started talking. I said (to a 16 year old cat) “WAH, are you the BAYBEE?” She replied, “certainly not, and I don’t believe I care for your tone, human.” Or maybe it was “why are you not petting me”, hard to say.

When y’all have dreams about us, it cracks. Me. UP!


In the 1st collage, center bottom picture…oh that is one of my all time favorites!!!!

Oh, I know – I love it so much! (And apparently I had never shared the picture by itself, it was in a collage – so there it is by itself! I wish I’d been using my camera rather than my cell phone to get that picture, but I had NO idea it was going to come out so good (and if I recall correctly, I was bottle feeding Ambercup with one hand while I took that picture with the other!))


Aaaaaawwww – yesterday’s and today’s 2005 posts. Little black Bear becomes Tom Cullen. He was such a sweetie.

I was just telling someone the other day about how he was supposed to be with us for a few extra days because he started MYSTERIOUSLY limping the day the litter went off to Petsmart, and I said “And he did – three extra days, and ten years!” That sneaky, sneaky boy.


Do black cats at Challengers House have trouble getting adopted?

They do tend to get adopted more slowly than the other kinds of cats, but it seems like the black cats who are adopted out through Challenger’s House don’t get returned as often. (Could be wishful thinking on my part, but it seems like it’s true!)


Okay, these are the last of the Swimmers’ pictures – BUT of course there’ll be a roundup for each of them next week (depending on how hard it is for me to separate out the pictures of Phelps, Louganis and Torres!).

“LADY. I think you didn’t HEAR me when I SAID I needed a snack. Like, NOW.”


“HEY GUYS I THINK IT’S SNACK TIIIIIIME!” (Louganis – little guy, big mouth.)

Louganis would like you to know that Torres is just a little too close to him and he would like some space, PLEASE and THANK YOU.

Torres on one of the shelves of the wall tree (there was a scratching post there, but they weren’t quite understanding how to climb it and then get onto the condo part, so we replaced it with two shelves. I’m still not sure they get it, but whatcha gonna do?)

Spitz is giving that camera strap the what-for.

Phelps and the Wide Eyes of Innocence.

Looks like the kitten tree is ripe for the pickin’.

From left to right: Phelps, Spitz and one of his eyeballs, Torres’s ears in front of Spitz, and Louganis.

Torres. She is just the SWEETEST.

The dropoff at Petsmart went just fine. There was no fear from the Swimmers when I let them out of the carriers to look around. They walked around, tails held high, sniffing everything they saw. I let Ambercup and Zuke out, and managed to get three pictures before my camera battery died (grrrr). Zuke and Ambercup sniffed noses with the Swimmers, then hissed and smacked at them. I suspect it’ll be a day or two before they’re all playing together like they were never apart (though I am hoping for multiple adoptions this weekend!)

“What doin’, weird lady?”

My purse was hanging on the door, and it drove her crazy. She really wanted that purse! So I put it on the floor, she sniffed it all over, and then walked away.

Zuke and the gorgeous, gorgeous eyes.

It was nice to be able to love on Zuke and Ambercup for a while. They’re such sweet lovebugs. They’ve adapted really well to the cat room – as I knew they would – and now hopefully they’ll go home SOON. The Swimmers, too!


Sheriff Mama considers giving ALL OF YOU tickets for being on the innernets when you’re supposed to be working. YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE!
(But shhhh, we won’t tell anyone, as long as you pay that ticket in a timely manner.)


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    • I have two torties, a gray tabby with white accents, and a Ragdoll colored (he is 1/2 Ragdoll). I too and color agnostic. too. If you (kitties) want to cuddle, you can come home with me. 🙂

  1. It is so much fun seeing Alice in her costume again — and easy and a pleasure voting for her!

    Glad the kitties are doing well at Petsmart; fingers crossed for speedy adoptions to wonderful families.

  2. I just noticed on the “In Residence” picture of Phelps there is a strip of pale gray fur across his nose that looks like a bandaid. It makes him look as though he’s had a nose job! Or left his reading glasses on to tightly! 😀

  3. That calico yarn is AMAZING. My mother-in-law is an amazing knitter–I’ll have to drop some hints…

  4. Oh, my, that Spitz with the camera strap is priceless!! Kittens ripe for picking, too, but Spitz’s expression is hilarious.
    yes, we have a calico who has hair that will match anything…or stand out. Then the tabby has hair with multiple color stripes on each hair (agouti??) so all outfits are complete with matching or standout cat hair. Helps one of them is usually hanging out on the ironing board which is conveniently next to a window…even covered with a towel, there will be mohair!
    Yes, multiple adoptions of a minimum of two apiece, to wonderful homes please!!

  5. This is weird.. there are two posts for October 23 2008 and the one you link to is not the one about Kara coming back. Love all the names you tried out for her! I wonder how long it took for you to settle on Sherriff Momma, lol

    • That is weird! I’ve fixed it, thanks for letting me know. 🙂

      I did a quick search – the first post I found wherein I referred to her by Sheriff Mama was in October 2009. So, about a year!

  6. went to pet smart to say by to the swimmers you did a great job. they are very confident, and happy. thank you for taking them in.

    Sue Joslin

  7. The calico yarn is gorgeous, but that price is WAY out of my league. (Yes,I only use the cheap stuff). But now I can dream.
    I’ve always loved Sheriff Mama, maybe because we both have “resting b*tch face.” And probably because of the perfect captions you always have for her.