10-22-15 Thursday

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If you would go vote for Frog Alice in the Blue’s Buddies Halloween Costume contest, she would be ever so appreciative! (You can vote once a day, so expect to see this at the top of posts for the next week!)


One year ago, we had the Grocers in residence. One of the Grocers was this girl, Catelyn:

Remember her? She was floofy and fabulous.

SO floofy. SO fabulous.

Catelyn was trapped as part of a group Trap-Neuter-Return, but it was realized that she was too small and friendly to be released with the others, so she joined the Grocers (who had been with us for about a month).

That litter was adopted more quickly than any litter I’ve had, I think – of course, it helped that Trader Joe (now Sherman), Von, and Winn Dixie were adopted before they were even ready to go. Ralph and Catelyn were both adopted (separately) the very night they went to Petsmart. PW was adopted two days later.

I tell you her back story so I can tell you this: Catelyn has been returned. This is what she looks like now:

Still SO floofy and fabulous!

I won’t go into details about why she was returned, but she may need to be on a special diet, Urinary SO (or C/D Multicare). She is doing well, although she’s thin and was covered in fleas. If anyone’s interested in adopting her, you can contact Susan (contact information at the bottom of the page here) to discuss it.


This is kind of a Throw Back Thursday picture:

That’s Louganis, one month ago. Stefan (or maybe Dennis) was visiting, and Louganis felt the need to put on his floof suit.


“Seriously, lady. You ’bout done with that camera?”

I’m annoying Torres, and she’s telling me all about it.

Louganis nails the dive.
(Thanks, Candace!)

Spitz considers the cat tree.
(Someone needs to clean the outside of that window, y’think?)

Phelps considers the cat tree.

Oh, how they love to balance there, especially Spitz.

I’d tell you who that is making the dive from the cat tree to the bed, but I have no idea. I just know it isn’t Spitz!

Another non-Spitz kitten. I think it’s Phelps.

The Swimmers are off to Petsmart very early this morning (I have an appointment in that general direction, so I’m dropping them off first). The down side is that we will be kitten-free for the foreseeable future (don’t worry, I’m not having surgery ’til November 4th, so there’ll still be posts; I’m planning a Crooked Acres post and a post with some of my pictures from Myrtle Beach) and I am going to miss the Swimmers like crazy. The up side is that I’ll get to see Ambercup and Zuke for a little while this morning; hopefully I’ll remember to grab my camera on the way out!


That look on Stefan’s face cracks me UP. (That’s a teaser hanging over his head, though it kind of looks like he’s wearing a hat, doesn’t it?)


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10-22-15 Thursday — 27 Comments

  1. Poor Catelyn, I would say I’m sorry she has been returned but it sounds like that should have happened before now. My Bunny has issues with UTIs and I often think how glad I am that she’s with me rather than someone who wouldn’t take care of her the way she needs. I love her to pieces and having to make an extra vet visit or two and give her antibiotics once in a while is nothing and so worth it to keep my girl feeling good. I hope Catelyn’s true family comes along soon and takes that sweet girl home.

  2. Oh gosh, Catelyn is so incredibly beautiful! If I didn’t live in the opposite part of the globe, I would be at the Challenger’s right now to adopt her. What a stunningly posh girl she is! I hope she will gain some weight soon and that she will finde her lving, caring people in no time.

  3. Godspeed, Swimmers, hail silly Stefan, and welcome back, dear Catelyn, who is now in excellent hands. May this sweet girl recover quickly and lead a long, great life with her true family. (I have a boy who had a urinary tract blockage soon after I adopted him. Touch wood, he’s been doing very well ever since. It’s extra work and worry making sure this won’t happen again, but is he ever worth it!)

  4. “thin and covered in fleas”….Ok, I have nothing nice to say! Catelyn does not deserve to be neglected and mistreated. I am sooooo glad she is back and away from “them”. I would be happy to throat punch them for you.

    The look on Stefan’s face is FABULOUS! 🙂

      • What she said as well. She is a beautiful girl. I would scoop her up right away except for the other 4 I already have and the spousal unit giving me the “are you crazy” look. I am sure she will be back to perfect health shortly. Perhaps Stefan could share a little of his, uhhh, padding with Catelyn. It looks like he is ready for winter, in Minnesota! Love him and his silly face. He looks so much like our Hamilton, who I am happy to say has trimmed down to a perfect fighting weight. I think perhaps he is so busy talking to us that he does not have time to eat.
        Good luck with the surgery.

        • Add my voice to the “what she said” train. Catelyn was far and away my most favorite Crooked Acres foster, and I’m livid she ended up in that condition. 🙁

          • Add me as well….just….smh….I will send out shouts for her that someone who loves and deserves her finds her….

    • I would love to hold someone still for that throat punch or even better stand on them so that they can be kicked or stomped.

      That said. We don’t know what happened. For all we know, the people who had her could also be thin and covered in fleas and homeless due to circumstances.

      Either way, she’s now safe and waiting for her real forever home.

  5. I was just remembering yesterday how beautiful Catelyn went to Petsmart for just a few minutes… I was there, that afternoon, and so excited to see it happen. Breaks my heart that she wasn’t cared for as she deserved, but also SO thankful she was returned! Hopefully we can get the word out and find her true family very soon!! Good Luck to the Swimmers!! Only upside if they don’t get adopted tonight, I get to play with them tomorrow!! Or more accurately, as with most of your babies, just watch the circus go on and interrupt for snorgles when I can! 🙂

  6. Add my ditto! Just glad Catelyn came back, grateful shelters will do that! Keeping fingers and toes crossed for the best homes for her and the Squash bugs remaining, and now the Swimmers. Will miss their antics for sure.

  7. OMG LOL… Stefan’s face cracked me up. I swear it’s the same face I made when I went down the stairwell of my apt bldg yesterday morning and so very nearly walked right into an ugly spider suspended from it’s webline right at eye level. Then I screamed and backed away and watched it scoot itself back up to the ceiling fixture.

    I will keep my anger in check & just say that I am glad beautiful, floofy Catelyn is back somewhere she will get the attention she needs.

  8. Stefan is looking quite “plush” these days. He appears to have lost that long, lean, lanky look he had when he first invited himself into your home. 🙂

  9. Though I am gritting my teeth, all I’m going to say is that I am VERY happy that Catelyn is back in the good care of Challenger’s House!! That beautiful girl wasn’t rescued from a feral life to be treated poorly. She should be treated like a queen and I hope her forever loyal subjects are coming to get her soon!

  10. I have a question about Crooked Acres. I am curious how long it would take to walk around the perimeter of your four acres. Living in Los Angeles, it’s hard for me to comprehend just exactly how big that is. Please inform me!!!

  11. I have to say “ditto” to what everyone has written about Sweet Catelyn !!! She is in good hands now and will bounce back quickly and find her perfect forever home !!!

    Stefan looks like he just took a bite of some food and doesn’t want to insult the cook by saying it tastes terrible 🙂

  12. Stefan kind of looks over your nonsense. So exasperated.

    I hope Zuke and Ambercup are adopted out by the time you get there. To GOOD homes.

  13. I’m so sad about poor Catelyn. I have a soft spot for her because she reminds me of one of my old kitties who has since passed on. I’m glad she’s in a place where she can get the love and care that she needs now. If I were near Alabama I would be very tempted to adopt her, although I’m sure my current two kitties would not be thrilled!

  14. Catelyn is gorgeous as an adult. I hope she finds her forever home soon.

    I have discovered since I have moved to a completely grain free diet for my kitties, all the UTIs have stopped without having to resort to any prescription diet food. Guy Noir’s annual UTI has not occured in three years. More and more main stream grocery stores are stocking grain free choices. You don’t have to pay a paw and a leg at a speciality pet store.

  15. as someone with two cats with urinary issues, I can tell you she doesn’t need Rx urinary food, she just needs a diet high in animal based ingredients and low in plant based ingredients.. it will keep her urine in the right Ph range which will help her be more comfortable.

    May her next owners be her forever people..